Gold Support

What Is Gold Support

When you purchase your Easy Projects On-premise/In-house licenses (a one-time perpetual fee), you are automatically entitled to Basic Support, which includes:

  1. Email and chat support;
  2. Guaranteed response time: maximum 3 business days;
  3. Free updates (within your version only)*.

However when you add the Annual Gold Support (GS) package to your licenses, you also receive:

  1. Phone Support;
  2. Remote Access “User” Support;
  3. Remote Access “Server” Support;**
  4. Live Chat Support from within the product;
  5. Priority 1 hour guaranteed response for support requests (during business hours);
  6. Upgrade Protection – FREE Major upgrades.

With active GS coverage, should you require Remote Access assistance for your licensed users, or for server updates, upgrades, or trouble shooting assistance, we are ready at the first opportunity.

You’ll never have to repurchase your licenses so you can take advantage of your license privileges for years to come, and continue to benefit from the latest and greatest new features, continued technological advancements and control your costs year after year.

The Gold Support payment policy

Original License Purchase

  • There is a 90-day (3 months) grace period to add the Gold Support to previously purchased licenses at the original (Early Purchase) rate;
  • Within 91 to 180 days period (6 months) Gold Support can still be added to your previously purchased licenses at the Late Purchase rates;
  • Gold Support added to the previously purchased licenses, will be back-dated to the license purchase date(s);
  • After 180 days Gold Support can no longer be added to your licenses*, and priority support is subject to per incident billing.


  • Gold Support can be renewed early (prior to the expiry date) or after the expiry date (late renewal). Early renewals qualify for discounts – refer to the table below;
  • Late renewal can be completed only up to 90 days (3 months) after the renewal date. After 90 days you must purchase new licenses* if you wish to upgrade;
  • Clients will be notified regarding their GS expiration by email automatically 3 times: twice prior to expiration and once immediately after GS expiry;
  • Should you wish to purchase your GS renewal using PO/Invoice/Cheque/Wire Transfer, your PO must be received before the renewal date and payment in full must be received within 30 days.

PRO Edition (all prices are per user, USD)

Pricing tier

Early Renewal

Late Renewal

Users 1-19 $92 $115
Users 20-49 $79 $98
Users 50-99 $66 $82
Users 100+ contact us

Enterprise Edition (all prices are per user, USD)

Pricing tier

Early Renewal

Late Renewal

Users 1-19 $115 $143
Users 20-49 $99 $123
Users 50-99 $82 $102
Users 100+ contact us

To renew your Gold Support we encourage you to use your Customer Portal. You can access it directly from your Easy Projects account in the Help menu. Please note that you must be logged in as an Administrator to see the link. The Customer Portal will automatically determine if you are eligible for a renewal and provide you with a checkout to complete your purchase.

*Upgrading Licenses without active Gold Support

We offer a 30% license discount on the respective published price list.

**Remote Support for Customers without active Gold Support

Clients without an active Gold Support package can order remote access support on per-incident basis: $249.00 for the 1st hour, and $199 for additional hours.

If you have any further questions about our policy or your Gold Support please contact us.