Gantt Chart

Bring visual planning to the forefront with an easy-to-build interactive Gantt chart. View how your projects are performing, update & assign tasks, and track timelines in real-time. Staying on schedule and hitting your deadlines has never been easier.

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Online Gantt Chart Software

Much like the tools found in desktop-based applications such as Microsoft Project, this interactive Gantt chart allows you to plan your project in the comfort of a visual interface.

It gives you an accurate sense of the timeline to be expected and also highlights dependencies that will prove to be critical throughout your project.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Expand how you can visualize your work and projects. See the work schedule and project timeline with the full-screen interactive Gantt Chart.

Easily ‘drag-and-drop’ tasks, create dependencies between tasks, assign work, view the project critical path and track project progression.

Import MS Project
and Excel files

Many project managers are acustomed to using MS Project and Excel to plan and execute. To make the transition to Easy Projects pain-free, you can simply import your data and have it mapped out for your in our visual gantt interface. You can import all of your project related data including projects, tasks and timesheets which will then be displayed in Easy Projects as charts, graphs and dashboards.

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MS Project Gantt Chart
Easy Projects Gantt Chart
MS Project Gantt Chart
Critical Path

Critical Path

The Easy Projects Gantt Chart is connected to all aspects of your project. With help from the critical path feature you can identify and display all tasks and dependencies which may affect project deadline.

When you need to make a change, instead of updating multiple due dates, you can change one and the system will automatically update the rest. You can also set up multiple links between tasks to further simplify scheduling your jobs.

Project Milestones

A project milestone is a management tool that is used to outline a significant point on a project timeline.

Gantt chart milestones help project managers to determine whether or not the project is on schedule. You can easily set milestones to mark important dates, key events or goals on the project plan.

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