Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Easy Projects? Chances are that others have had the same question. This page features the most frequently asked questions about Easy Projects, with answers from those who created it. If your question is not answered on this page, feel free to check out our technical support portal or contact us.

How does the free trial work?

Upon registering for a trial account, you will be sent an email containing the url of your login page, your username, and your password. You will have unrestricted access to Easy Projects for 15 days, after which you need to purchase the product to continue use or keep using it in the free single-user mode. That having been said, we do understand the lengthy evaluation process for new software and if you require a little extra trial time, please contact sales.

Will I lose all my data when I upgrade my online trial to the full version?

Your trial account will be automatically converted to a free account when the trial period expires. All of your data will be kept intact. If you wish to have your trial data transferred to your new permanent account, please inform our Sales Department.

How does your refund policy work?

Easy Projects is a try-before-you-buy product with a 30 day refund policy. For more information on our Satisfaction Guarantee, please visit this page.

What are the system requirements for using Easy Projects?

You can find system requirements here.

What sets Easy Projects apart from other project management tools?

Is Easy Projects available in other languages besides English?

Currently Easy Projects is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Slovenian; however, using the language pack, customers can translate the interface into their native language.

Do you have special pricing for non-profits and academic institutions?

We sure do – Easy Projects offers discounts to academic, educational, and non-profit organizations. Please contact us for more details.

Do you have an affiliates or reseller program?

Yes, we do. You can find out more about our reseller program here.

What does “Source Code” Package mean?

By purchasing the Easy Projects Source Code Package you receive full source code for the system, with the exception of the internal framework and license validation code. You can modify and adapt this source code to your specific needs and requirements. You can NOT redistribute, resell or repackage this source code or its derivatives.

Can I purchase the Source Code package without buying user licenses?

No. The Source Code package comes as an addition to the user licenses.

How do I access Easy Projects?

Once you are signed up for Easy Projects, you will be sent a special login link specific to your organization. Your account can be accessed from any internet connected computer so you have 24/7 access to your projects wherever you may be.

How secure is our data? How often is it backed up?

Our servers are located in secure data centers in the USA and Canada. The data centers are monitored 24/7 through video cameras, safety locks, biometric access control and security guards. These servers are continuously upgraded with all security fixes and patches. The actual data is stored in a Microsoft SQL server database, unique to your account. Our database server is password protected with no outside access available.

All user passwords are encrypted and data is backed up on a daily basis. Further, SSL security certificates are available to encrypt all data transmission between a browser and the server. In the unlikely event of a hardware or software failure, it is our policy to have the system fully recovered within one business day. However, in most cases, if a problem occurs, it should be fixed within a couple of hours.

What happens to my project information once the project is complete?

It stays there for as long as you want! We think that keeping a record of your projects and any related feedback will only help you increase project efficiency in the future. Since each account can hold an unlimited number of projects, you will never have to delete completed projects in order to make room for new ones.

Is there an efficient way to add similar tasks?

Yes, there is. If adding tasks, issues, or requests that have a number of common properties (e.g. same project, category, projects members, etc.), select the “save and add similar” button to make a duplicate.

Is there a maximum file size that I can upload?

For hosted accounts, users can upload up to 1 Gb of data; however, additional space is available upon request. For the sake of speed, we recommend that no file exceeds 150 Mb.

Can I add tasks in a spreadsheet mode like in Excel?

Yes! By default it’s possible to add up to three tasks in spreadsheet mode from the Activities page. All you need to do is to click on the empty space near the project name and choose the “Quick add activities to this project” item in the pop-up menu.

How can I export data from Easy Projects to my Outlook or Google calendar?

Go to the calendar page. Click on the “Export to iCal“. Choose if you want to export just the activities, or just the events or both. Select the date range and click “Export“. On the browser dialog choose the “Open with Microsoft Office Outlook” option. Please note that this will only work with Outlook 2007.

Alternatively, you can use the MS Outlook add-in.

Can I e-mail reports that I have generated with Easy Projects to my customers?

Absolutely. Once you generate your report, click “Export to Excel” or “Export to PDF“. To share your report with customers, simply attach the saved file to your e-mail and send away.

On what events are e-mail notifications sent? Who receives them?

E-mail notifications can be set for each project. Default rules are as follows:

For more information on email notifications, visit our online help page.