Project management

Unlimited projects

Never worry about having too many projects!

  • Auto-Assignments / Mini-Workflow
  • Milestones
  • Project-Level Permissions
  • Flexible Project Billing
  • Project Templates
  • Critical Path Method

Batch operations

Want to manage more than 1 project at a time? Batch commands allow you to change assignees, statuses and priorities on multiple projects at once.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Every project is different, add unlimited number of custom fields to all of your projects ranging from simple text input to drop-down lists.

Interactive Gantt Chart

Manage your projects and activities in full screen, with drag-and-drop functionality and report charting capabilities.

Other Features Include:

  • Automatic Progress Calculation based on Activities
  • Smart Hierarchical Aggregation for Estimated Hours, Budget
  • Customizable Statuses, Categories and Priorities
  • Gantt Chart
  • Audit Trail
  • Search Across All Objects
  • Events
  • Timeliness Indicator

Portfolio management

Unlimited Portfolios

Whether you have multiple projects for a single customer, or part of a larger project, you can group two or more projects together!

  • Portfolio Report
  • Unlimited Custom Fields

Task management

My Assignments

Your own personal to-do list!

  • View, filter, sort your activities
  • Bookmark high-priority and important tasks
  • Collaborate without having to go anywhere else
  • Post and reply to messages on the messageboards
  • Upload and share files with your team
  • Track your time using a built-in timer

Unlimited Activities

Create as many activities as needed!

  • Activity Templates
  • Unlimited Hierarchy / Sub-Tasks
  • Multiple Activity Dependencies

Customizable Statuses, Categories and Priorities

Each organization and every team has different standards and methodologies, we understand that. That’s why you can modify and create custom activity details as needed.

Other Features Include:

  • Interactive list of Activities
  • Expected Hours Estimation Analysis
  • Activity Timeliness Indicator
  • Activity Batch Operations
  • Automatic Progress Calculation Based on Sub-Activities
  • Smart Hierarchical Aggregation for Estimated Hours, Budget
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Activity Coloring
  • Move Activities Between Projects

Request management

Customer Request Tracking

Clients and project stakeholders can submit their requests and requirements using Easy Projects software

  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Auto-Assignments

Issue management

Issue (Defect) Tracking

Easily track project bugs and defects submitted by your customers and project stakeholders using Easy Projects software

  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Auto-Assignments
  • Customizable Types

Create Issues by E-Mail

Send an email to a dedicated address and Easy Projects will parse, automatically add and assign the issue within the system.

Time management

Time Cards

Record and view time inputs by activity assignees. The time log has a detailed statistics section that enables you to see vital time usage information, including billable and non-billable hour totals.

Weekly View

Add and edit time log entries for up to an entire week based on a specific user, activity and project.

Web Timer

Built-in timer allows you to easily record and log your activity hours.

Other Features Include:

  • Adding Time Entries for Others
  • Personal / Shared Calendars

Resource Management

Resource Loading Reports

Better manage your resources via customizable reports.

Personal and Company Schedules

Create events, set up holidays and track employee time off.

Vacation Tracking

Better manage your projects by keeping track of vacations!

Other Features Include:

  • FREE Guest (Customers) Users
  • FREE “Resource” Users
  • Resource Details
  • Resource Loading by Role Report
  • Multiple Built-in and Custom Roles
  • Unlimited Custom Fields


Customizable Layout

Create your own dashboard!

  • Project Health (EVA) Chart
  • Resource Loading Chart
  • Hours by Projects Chart
  • Estimated vs Actual Hours Chart
  • Delayed Activities, Activities Due / For, etc.

Customizable Widgets

Show as much information or as little as you like. Add charts, reports, statistics, activity and project overviews and more with this software!

Billing & Invoicing

Project and Activity Billing

Easy Projects helps you create invoices and view internal costs:

  • Customer, project, user, activity rates
  • Fixed cost tracking
  • Budget tracking for projects and activities
  • Expense tracking
  • Integration with Quickbooks (via 3rd party add-on)
  • Billing report

Team collaboration

Integration with Vyew

Vyew brings real-time conferencing and any-time collaboration to Easy Projects, delivered directly from one interface to the other. Now you can meet online and enjoy asynchronous project collaboration!

Collaborate in more ways:

  • Customizable Real-Time E-Mail Notifications and Alerts
  • Activities Due Reminders
  • Next Week Activities Alerts
  • Message Boards
  • File Sharing
  • Client Portal


Report Generator

Use various data sources and custom fields to generate and organize project reports.

Other Features Include:

  • Dozens of built-in reports
  • Integration with 3rd party report generator engines
  • Interactive Gantt Chart

Usability & Customization

Multiple Languages Support

Work with Easy Projects software product in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Slovak or Russian! More languages coming soon.

AJAX-based Interface

  • Quick Action Contextual Menus
  • Drag’n’Dropable Items
  • Quick Find Controls
  • Customizable Lists and Filters
  • Hideable Panels

Quick Action Panel

Appearing on every page, Quick Action Panel is always there to provide quick shortcuts to most commonly used items within Easy Projects software

Other Features Include:

  • Dashboard Widgets / Filters
  • RESTful API / SDK
  • Source Code Available

Import & Export

Switching over to Easy Projects has never been easier:

  • MS Project Import
  • MS Project Export
  • Import from CSV
  • Export to Excel / PDF
  • Export to QuickBooks (via a 3rd party Add-on)
  • Export to iCal

Security & SOX Compliance

Set up and customize security and permissions as you see fit:

  • Global Role-Based User Permissions
  • Portfolio Level Permissions
  • Project Level Permissions
  • Audit Trail
  • SSL Support
  • Password-protect Access for All Team Members
  • Password Strength Policy
  • Inactive Lockouts and Password Expiration
  • Banned-word Lists
  • Active Directory Integration


Easy Projects software can work great together with other 3rd party tools:

Professional services

Customization Services

Every organization has different needs, that’s why we want to work with you to ensure that your transition to Easy Projects is as smooth as it could be.

  • Product Customization
  • Off-Site Training
  • On-Site Training
  • Custom Tutorials
  • Turn-Key On-Site Implementation


You’re never alone with Easy Projects!

  • Unlimited E-Mail Support
  • Support via online chat
  • Support via Instant Messengers
  • Remote Access Support
  • Phone Support
  • Knowledgebase
  • Online Help