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Easy Projects Review!

Easy Projects Review by Bas de Baar

Software firm Logic Software released their software project management application Easy Projects For me a great opportunity to have a chat with Logic Software’s Vadim Katcherovski.

BB: You explicitely state that Easy Projects is an software project management tool. What makes this product especially suited for SOFTWARE project management?
VK: There are plenty of “fits all sizes” project applications with millions of features. In contrast Easy Projects has only those tools and features that you need to manage your software project. Not engineering, not construction, just software. No bells and whistles – usual software project managers just don’t have time to spend on learning sophisticated products.

Easy Projects was initially developed as an internal software project management tool and has gradually evolved into a commercial product. Before introducing any new feature or module to the public, Logic Software first deploys this piece of code within our own company and works with it for a while to make sure that it’s easy to use.

BB: I have mentioned on my site 7 goals for implementing project management software. How does Easy Projects contributes to the these goals?

Goal 1. Improve project reporting and tracking

Easy Projects provides you with a bunch of ready-to-use reports showing all aspects of a project development process at once. You can view a summary for all projects, resources workload, team member timesheets, estimated time vs. actually spent time, issues and requests statistics. Flexible filters will make it easy for you to see only the information relevant to you at that particular moment. And since the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is used as a database, you will be able to create custom reports using any third party report engines such as Crystal Reports or Active Reports.

Goal 2. Improve estimating and scheduling

With help of reports and the statistics functionality you can get historical information about your previous projects and use this data to improve your current and future project estimates. Keeping track of employees’ or contractors’ timesheets and milestones/builds schedule in real-time will help you prevent any slippage, and helps you finish your project on time.

Goal 3. Reduce cost or speed process up by automating workflows

Easy Projects can greatly reduce time and cost of the time tracking, giving all employees, contractors and management officers a centralized tool to track and analyze time spent on any projects. A team member just has to select the project and task assigned to him, put the number of hours spent, specify the status of the task and voila – you have all necessary data in your database.

Goal 4. Improve resource assignments

Auto-assignment is a unique feature of Easy Projects, which will speed up your team response time drastically. Once a new feature request or issue is submitted to your system by the customer, this request or issue will be automatically converted into the task and assigned to a specific team member based on your preferences (username or team role). As soon as the task is assigned, it appears on the person’s task list.

The Project Manager can always see who is doing what and re-assign a task from one member to another.

Goal 5/6. Improve project communication and collaboration

Effective team communication is a key to every project’s success. Easy Projects provides you with a set of tools that will help you to improve the project communication process.

E-mail notifications and alerts will keep your team members on the “same page” providing them with updated information in real-time. Each user will be able to receive an e-mail when a task or project he is working on is changed or assigned to him.

The message board is another useful tool that will facilitate the project’s team collaboration. You are able to attach a discussion board to each of your project task. You can have as many topics as you need. This feature will help your team to improve communications and keep track of all discussions.

Our File Attachment feature will allow each project member to share the files and notes with the rest of the team.

Bugs and Requests Tracking functionality will help you to stay on top of relationships with your customers and have a detailed project hours log at your fingertips that can be linked to your billing system.

Goal 7. Improve overall project process

Easy Projects has a centralized project management workflow. When the standard process is in place, it’s easier to deliver excellent results. The following list shows the key benefits from using Easy Projects:

  • Up-to-date project information available to team members online in real-time;
  • Reduced paperwork;
  • Centralized data warehouse helping to speed project related data search;

You will be able to decrease customer support response time by implementing task auto-assign feature; almost eliminates employees’ idle time, providing them with a complete tasks schedule and a project development plan.

BB: My final question, I find it remarkably that customers can buy the entire source code. Why?

VK: First of all – you have full control over the application. If you need to modify something – you don’t need to call the vendor and pay extra money for the customization. Another reason – some people want to have a warranty, that if something will happen to the vendor, it won’t affect them. Security issues also can be resolved by having the source code.

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