As the project manager, you can define a custom set of rules for each user so
that they are notified immediately if their attention is required.

Notification Rule - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

Full Control

You can configure Easy Projects so that people only see as much as they need to, but not more. For example, you can set it up so that an assignee will only be notified when a task is assigned to them, however all project members will be notified when a new issue is submitted. With the amount of noise we all receive nowadays, being able to segment information the right way is critical for your project’s success.

Notification Email - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

Flexible & Customizable

Easy Projects allows you to customize your email notifications look to match your brand. People can choose if they want real-time notifications or or receive email digests few times a day.There is a special notifications for tasks that are due, and the ones that are overdue, which allows for the most effective prioritization of to-dos possible.

Learn the benefits of Notifications
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