Permissions & Security

Projects sometimes require utmost privacy and confidentiality. This is why we built permissions into the DNA of Easy Projects software. You can be comfortable knowing that only the right people will have access to each project and task.

Easy Permission Management

Permissions can be adjusted from a simple list and can be different for each project. One graphic designer may have editing privileges for Project A but only viewing privileges for Project B. A list of checkboxes allows you to make this process a breeze.

Tailor-Made Access

With built-in and custom roles, you can get very granular and determine what each person should and should not be able to do. We wanted to make this system as flexible as possible to accommodate for vastly different project requirements.

Enhanced Security

Password strength and expiration policies, encrypted HTTS traffic, user-lockout, Active Directory Authorization – all these tools available to you to ensure your data safety and security.

Our Enterprise clients can also choose additional security options like Private Cloud, data encryption at rest and Azure AD integration.

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