Construction Project Management Software

Project management software is a natural fit for the project-oriented construction industry. Whether it be managing multiple dependencies, receiving new and updated work requests mid-project, scheduling multiple teams, or keeping track of budgets, having the right project management tool is the difference between disorganized chaos and streamline success. With Easy Projects, organization, efficiency and on-the-go communication are simple and easy to achieve. Some of the most useful capabilities of our software to your construction team will be:

How can Easy Projects make your construction team more effective?

Team Communication and File Sharing

Talk to your team no matter where you, or they, are at any time. Upload a photo from a job site for approval, send a spreadsheet for updates or review, give your team an update or some direction no matter where you are and have them receive it instantly. All in real time with the ability to follow and read an audit trail later so that no one can claim to have missed anything and everyone is accountable.

Effortless Time and Budget Tracking

Keep projects within estimates by tracking time and finances with just one click. Should budgets or timelines need adjusting, the changes can be made just as easily and everyone involved will be instantly informed. Also, projects work with subtasks and dependencies so if the timeline for one task or assignment needs to be updated, all dependent tasks will be updated according and the project as a whole will be given a new timeline that everyone will be made aware of. This can be done manually through one-click calendar access or automatically using interactive Gantt charts.

Custom forms

Whether internally from team member to team member or project manager to a specific team or externally from clients and other stakeholders, custom forms make work requests and updates easier than ever. Make custom request forms into templates and give each one a unique URL that can be given to anyone to fill out and submit. From there they can be easily reviewed, worked on and saved if necessary.

Mobile Apps

Perhaps the best feature of all is that all of these amazing features can be used on the go. Start, update, track or review projects from anywhere. Whether you’re in the office, on a job site, traveling between jobs or sitting at home (yes, work follows all of us home sometimes) you can always have access to your Easy Projects account. This means notifications about any changes to a project and messages can reach you at any time (whether you choose to answer them or not is entirely up to you). Additionally, you don’t have to wait until the next time you’re sitting in front of a computer to update your colleagues, clients, progress, timeline or budget on any task.

Best of all, Easy Projects ensures that having such a fully-featured construction project management software does not come at a bank-breaking price point. Feel free to check our Pricing page for full details, but let’s just say that at less than the price of a burger combo for two a month, you can ensure the success of your construction projects!

Don’t believe it can be this easy? Try a free no-obligation demo and see for yourself!

20+ Easy Projects Features loved by Construction Project Management Software

  • Unlimited projects & tasks
  • Multiple dependencies
  • Unlimited Guest Users
  • Portfolio Management
  • Resource Loading Simulation
  • Resource Loading Report
  • Interactive Gantt Chart
  • Mobile Version for iPhone, Android
  • Custom Fields
  • Time Tracking
  • Time Logs Approvals & Lockdown
  • Critical Path
  • Integration with MS Outlook
  • Enhanced Security
  • Custom Forms
  • Dozens of built-in Reports
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Vacation Tracking
  • Team Calendar
  • Projects Calendar
  • Report Generator
  • Excel Import/Export
  • MS Project Import/Export
  • My Assignments
  • File Sharing
  • File Versioning
  • Collaboration via Messaging
  • Messaging via Email
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Customizable Permissions
  • and much more…

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