Easy Projects v12 with Kanban; Enabling Teams to Optimize Workflow by Visualizing Task Progression

Project Management and Team Collaboration with Easy Project is now more flexible, configurable and user friendly than ever before.

Toronto, ON | November 1, 2017

Logic Software Inc, announces the general availability of Easy Projects V12. The new version features the much-anticipated Kanban Board. Easy Projects’ customers already have the ability to plan, track, execute and analyze projects using interactive Gantt charts, waterfall based timelines and personalized to-do lists with complete customization available. Now users are able manage projects with even greater flexibility. Every member of a team can view the same exact project in the way that best suits their preferred work style.

“Our users asked and we delivered” said Vadim Katcherovski, Easy Projects’ CEO. “The new Kanban board will enable project managers to offer their team a view, which makes collaborating on projects a streamlined, simple and visual experience. Kanban has been designed to avoid bottlenecks in project execution while improving organization and self-management.”

A Marketing Kanban Board in Action | Easy Projects, 2017

With Kanban, teams can see and understand all moving parts of any project in a clean and crisp view. The board enables self-motivated organization as well as optimized team collaboration and workflow.

Current Easy Projects customers have access to Version 12 within their current license. All features, including Kanban are already live with no add-ons or additional fees. New users can sign up now for a free trial to try Version 12 for themselves.

Kanban is a Lean project management methodology that allows teams to see their projects unfold in a real-time view, which involves moving tasks through the board based on which stages of production have been completed.

The benefits of this new view are:

Join Easy Projects’ Introduction to Kanban live, interactive webinar to see it in action

During the pre-release period, Easy Projects customers were impressed with the board’s capabilities. One customer reaction spoke to the ability to finally give his team what they’d been asking for. “Kanban looked very good – our online website developers have been asking for something like this.”

Kanban isn’t the only new feature of version 12. The new version also boasts greater configurability with even more integrations through Zapier. These added automations make everything from work requests to reports and communication both internally and externally more user-friendly and practical. Additionally, the Easy Projects mobile app for android and iOS now features enhanced time tracking capabilities.

To read more about Easy Projects’ approach to project management and team collaboration please visit www.easyprojects.net

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