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 Call Us:   1-888- 261-9878

Guest Portal

Let Them Be Informed

Clients feel more comfortable about the status of their projects when they know what is going on. You can let outside parties, be they stakeholders, clients, or other departments within your company, view and track progress through the Guest Portal.

Receive Issues and Requests

Using their free guest licenses, users can submit issues or requests directly to your team. You can also assign team members to be automatically notified of anything that client submits.

Great for Customer Approvals

Guest users can also join in task discussions (only the ones you give access to) and add/download files. This way, you can easily run a draft by your clients, they can submit feedback within Easy Projects software, and you can implement the changes, all without having to resort to email, or prolonged meetings.

All for Free

Best of all, guest user licenses are completely free.You can have as many guest accounts as your projects need and these guest users will not cost you a cent.

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