Customer Success Stories

Zenith Performance Solutions

Industry: E-Learning
Team Function: Professional Services
Number of EP Users: 13

Client Profile

Zenith Performance Solutions has been providing learning solutions for clients from all over the world for over 15 years. They partner with clients to design, develop, and deliver custom learning solutions, both face-to-face and online.

ZPS uses Easy Projects in an operational capacity to organize and manage over 15 projects per month. Their small team uses Easy Projects not only to manage projects, but to efficiently track the hours of contract employees.

The Challenge

When ZPS was looking for a solution to make their business run smoother in 2011, they were not searching for a project management software. They were looking for the perfect time-tracking application.

Having previously used Excel and MS Projects to track time, the team at ZPS found them to be inefficient. It was not possible to drill down into specific hours so actual hours could be calculated, making it difficult to improve both productivity and processes.

ZPS needed:

  • The ability to split hours per project;
  • The ability to see how hours were being used;
  • A way to collaborate and communicate transparently;
  • A way to easily receive and send invoices based hours;
  • To gather data in order to bid accurately on projects;
  • The ability for contractors to enter hours how they like to (timed, or entered).

The Solution

After reviewing three different options in depth, the ZPS team decided on Easy Projects as their time tracking tool. Danielle’s own experience using the product as a contractor aided in the decision as she understood how it works from an end-to-end perspective. The team at ZPS has recently started using Easy Projects to manage their projects and track time, helping them understand areas in which improvements can be made.

The Outcome

Easy Projects has helped Zenith Performance Solutions find solutions to administrative problems that many small businesses who work with contractors encounter. They are now able to have more accurate information about the hours spent, the revenue obtained in order to improve their profitability. Though they began their journey to look for a simple time tracking tool, they found so much more than that.

The team estimates that one hour per employee every day has been saved and are confident that upon embracing the full functionality of Easy Projects, they can save two hours a day, per employee.

ZPS were able to:

  • Monitor the budget of each project;
  • Gather crucial data for informed decision making;
  • Quickly and accurately pull invoices;
  • Save approximately 1000 hours per year.

Customer Success Stories