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Finding a Perfect Time-Tracking Solution for the Team


Perfect time tracking tool needed

  • When ZPS was looking for a solution to make their business run smoother in 2011, they were not searching for project management software. They were looking for the perfect time-tracking application. It was not possible to drill down into specific hours with their former tools, making it difficult to improve both productivity and processes.


  • Resource Management

    The team was allowed to collaborate and communicate transparently, receive and send invoices, and many more. Data collection for a more predictable allocation of performers was also established.

  • Time Tracking

    ZPS had clear requirements for what they wanted from a time tracking system. Not just the logging of hours spent, but the ability to see how hours were being used and enter hours how they like to (timed, or entered).

  • Budgeting capabilities

    ZPS wanted to gather and use their time management data to easily receive and send invoices based hours and in order to bid accurately on projects. With Easy Projects, the team can also monitor the budget of each project easily.



Easy Projects has helped Zenith Performance Solutions find solutions to administrative problems that many small businesses who work with contractors encounter. They are now able to have more accurate information about the hours spent, and the revenue obtained to improve their profitability.
Though they began their journey to look for a simple time tracking tool, they found so much more than that. The team can now
gather crucial data for informed decision making and quickly and accurately pull invoices as required. ZPS is confident that upon embracing the full functionality of Easy Projects, they can save two hours a day, per employee.

I’m thinking we probably will save about two hours a day.

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what Easy Projects can do yet. I’m thinking we probably will save about two hours a day. Right now we’re probably saving about an hour a day.

Danielle Watkins,

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