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University of Ontario Institute

Team Function: Marketing

Client Profile

University of Ontario Institute of Technology delivers a leading-edge learning environment that uniquely combines academic knowledge, research opportunities, hands-on skills, and vibrant student life. More than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students from over 65 countries are taught by world-class professors who are experts in their field.

The Challenge

“The demands on our Communications and Marketing department were growing exponentially while our resources were staying the same. We needed something that was responsive, easy to use, and was able to organize our work to ensure nothing fell through the cracks.”

“We needed to begin to apply a value to the work that we were doing, and so we needed a system that could help us to track all activities from all team members as well as generate reports of our project output. It had to be a system that was low maintenance, but that would capture all project requests in a central location.” – Amy N., Manager of Projects and Event Services.


“We have found EP to be able to keep up with our workload without adding extra “work” to our days. I have been able to provide reports with faster turnaround time, and the success, hard work and output of materials from our team are better shown and understood.”

“I am now able to optimize and allocate our resources more efficiently and have seen a reduction in duplicated efforts on some projects between members of our team. Their accountabilities are clear and easily tracked with EP. We can now track timelines, manage priorities and ensure that everyone on the team is accountable for their work and communicating in one central location.”

The Highlights

  • The capability of EP to generate the custom reports we need is key.
  • Automation through project templates for repeatable projects significantly reduced project setup time and administrative stress.

The Results

  • 1 hour less per day on inputting Projects;
  • save at least 2 hours per Report generation;
  • ability to Monitor timelines to better plan future Projects.

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Customer Success Stories