Customer Success Stories

Transitions Optical

Industry: Eyewear
Team Function: IT
Number of EP Users: 120

Organization Profile

Through continuous innovation, the Transitions family of product enhances vision by adjusting and adapting to changing light. Through our partnerships with optical industry leaders, we offer adaptive eyewear in the widest selection of designs and materials, including hundreds of lens combinations. Their lenses are the number-one recommended photochromic lenses worldwide. Every second, somewhere in the world, a spectacle wearer chooses to purchase Transitions adaptive lenses.

The IT services department at Transitions relies on Easy Projects to help them collaborate and communicate to make sure that the company is up and running. They work on several projects per month both locally and internationally as well as through their parent company.


Before discovering Easy Projects, the IT services department at Transitions was working with Excel and MS Projects. Maribet, wanted to find something that would help address the challenges of collaboration and communication of IT teams internationally.

There was also the problem of not having a centralized place for all the data, and a way to get the big picture for all IT Projects.

“For Excel there is the problem of collaboration on the projects we manage ­ we had one Excel file for each project. So it was a challenge for the project lead to be able to see the big picture of all projects he or she has been managing in one spot.”

The IT Services Department at Transitions Optical Needed:

  • A collaborative tool
  • The ability to see everything in one spot
  • A place to update project status to get rid of excessive emailing
  • To access data and get the big picture

The Solution

After reviewing over 10 different project management software platforms, Maribet and the team at Transitions narrowed it down to five. For their final five selections, they signed up for trials and attempted to work with each to organize their projects. After that, the team presented Easy Projects to their Global IT team to check the system requirements. It was a perfect fit.

They began with a small roll out of 8 licences and has since expanded to over 80 licences for their global IT team.

The main reason for the selection of Easy Projects was:

“It’s very easy­to­use, very straightforward, the import and export facilities of the tool, it’s easy to upload Excel files, the report generator, the unlimited number of customized fields that I can add to it. These are the things that are really useful.”


Currently, the team at Transitions saves an hour a day per employee due to the implementation of Easy Projects. Moreover, they have cut down on spending time managing multiple files for each project, and are now able to do things they never dreamed possible.

“The tool is easy, it’s customizable and adaptable to our needs, and I would like to recommend your support group, they are very helpful. I can get answers from them immediately, regardless of the time.”

Transitions is now able to:

  • Have a project management platform that is easy to use and train staff on
  • Import and Export to and from Excel
  • Generate Reports
  • Build custom forms and add custom fields for incoming requests
  • Collaborate successfully with team members
  • Get a birds eye view of all on­going projects from a single dashboard
  • Save one hour per day, per employee

Easy Projects has helped Transitions Optical set up seamless IT project management to help their team collaborate better together. With the help of our tech and client support specialists, they were able to successfully launch and roll out Easy Projects to their global team. Easy Projects will continue to work closely with the Transitions, helping to make project management easy.

Customer Success Stories