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Better Project Management for a Medical Software Company


Manual project management 

  • Interaction on tasks in the company was tied to the exchange of emails. Since not all employees had access to the chain, something was getting lost, and it was complicated to keep track of changes.


  • Project Tracking

    For Medlink, it was very easy to start using the Easy Projects solution. Now all team members can track the progress of any project and task, and the manager decides which project to give access to.

  • Customization

    The Medlink team created a set of permanent projects and assigned tasks under each project. Projects are driven by user authorization, which helps a lot for outsourcing development.


Easy Projects helped Medlink solve most of their problems. It gave them the ability to better control all projects and see progress and comments. Also, now they could give user authorizations for each project and use built-in reports. It’s very structured and easy to learn. They have about 12 people using the tool. 

Easy Projects saves a full day of labor per month for Medlink. Also, it serves the company’s purposes without spending additional time on training, provides accessible and visible tracking, and good customer support.

we didn’t have to spend any time on training

“We evaluated about five project management products before we decided on Easy Projects. We liked that it is very user-friendly, has an easy learning curve, and is very intuitive – we didn’t have to spend any time on training.”


Irina Tkach

Business Analyst

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