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Healthcare Leader

Team Function: Marketing

Client Profile

Health care organization with half a dozen acute-care hospitals and hundreds of outpatient centers throughout the United States. This organization is on a focused mission to advance knowledge and improve health through research, patient care and education as it continues to cultivate a culture of innovation, critical thinking and diversity.

The Challenge

Company had different programs and platforms doing different things, across different divisions. The first project management solution it adopted was good for managing work, but the staff later discovered that the budgeting capabilities weren’t meeting their needs or expectations. It was later decided to switch to another platform. This new platform was good for budgeting, but the project and task components were lacking. There was no integration between systems or across divisions. When a new project was created using the previous platforms, an additional project would need to be created for the budgeting components. This was inefficient and time consuming.

Expectations for deliverables could not be provided to clients because the staff didn’t know what could be delivered or when. The failure to conduct realistic, honest conversations with clients was very stressful and decreased morale.

There was an inability to segment budgets across different divisions.

Creating specific reports took several days and required the efforts of numerous staff members.


Company now has a very integrated system between its project management and budget management, and has extended Easy Projects to all divisions for complete alignment.

Staff can now have realistic, honest conversations with clients and with each other, turning the tide to become more efficient and truthful about what it really takes to deliver, and increasing client satisfaction.

The significant increase in visibility has led to more alignment and accountability. Now that divisions are all using Easy Projects, they are no longer segmented or fragmented. People are on the same page and can better understand each other.

The success team at Easy Projects helped company executives put together automated expense reports. Reports are now produced within minutes, saving countless hours.

The Results

  • Timely processes now automated;
  • Integrated workflows across divisions;
  • Dramatic increase in productivity;
  • More satisfied clients.

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