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Agriculture and Horticulture

Team Function: Marketing

This non-profit statutory levy board’s purpose is to make agriculture and horticulture industries more competitive and sustainable through factual, evidence-based advice, information and activity

The Challenge

A new director was brought in to lead a brand new creative and marketing team. As they built out and refined their processes it quickly became apparent that they were headed for trouble. Excel was the main tool for planning and allocation. PDF forms were used for briefs and project details. Project collaboration, communication, resource allocation and reporting were non-existent or too labor-intensive.

The decision was made to acquire a complete project management solution. Adoption and ease of use were the most important factors when evaluating about 20 tools. It was critical to get up and running quickly and select something that the entire team would buy into.

The Outcomes

  • We can now see all of our projects in real-time in one place. This allows us to make better decisions about resource allocation and project intake. With solid processes around these two functions we can be confident that our projects are on track;
  • A surprising side effect is that while mistakes are still being made, now we’re able to correct them and learn from them in a consistent way that ensure they aren’t repeated.

The Highlights

Projects timelines are more accurate and projects are being delivered on time.

The Measurable Results

  • 26% reduction in the average duration of the projects
  • 16% improvement in the percentage of projects completed on schedule, with the most recent quarter finishing at 88%

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Customer Success Stories