Team Function: IT

Client Profile

Advanced 1 provides complete engineering services for the telecommunications industry. They offer Field, CAD and Technical Services to meet their clients ever changing needs.

The Challenge

With our old PM tools we had a number of challenges:

  • No visibility at the portfolio and customer level;
  • No ability to control access to data based on employee role, which led to communication issues;
  • Incomplete or old data impacting decision making;
  • We weren’t tracking employee time so we had no insight into employee performance, efficiency and overall project ROI.

As a result, we experienced missed deadlines, client satisfaction issues, and overtime work.

The Outcomes

  • We were able to mirror and improve the process we are using in the real world in Easy
    Projects – this was the only tool that can could elegantly reproduce our workflows;
  • All of our data lives in one place now;
  • Elimination of the use of Excel and our other financial tools;
  • We completely automated our project intake process using the Easy Projects API;
  • Total visibility for management to make decisions based on real-time data.

The Highlights

Communication has improved as a result of having full visibility.

This also has allowed us to operate more efficiently.

The Results

  • More projects and tasks completed than ever before (5,700 projects and 24,000 tasks per month)
  • Data is now all in one place for better visibility and reporting
  • Projects are now being completed 30% faster

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