Easy Projects Change Log

December 01, 2017

  • Fixed: EP site port number dropped in hyperlinks in notification emails
    • November 22, 2017

      • Project financial module redesigned
      • Custom fields for project expenses
      • Negative budget values are now supported
        • October 30, 2017

          • Kanban board: Visualize and streamline your task management process. Make updating a task as simple and easy as dragging a card from one column to the next
          • Custom fields: New design for custom fields within the Project/Activity Details page
          • Android mobile app: Updates for time tracking (view time log history, edit/delete time entries, billable/non-billable indicator)
          • Security: New SSO authentication options under Administration Settings
            • September 6, 2017

              • Report Generator. Approval History and Files fields added to Messages datasource
              • Role names are now displayed for assignees and project members
              • Disabled assignees and project members are now displayed with a special mark
              • Firefox + Adblock issue on projects/activity details fixed
                • August 17, 2017

                  • New My Assignments page
                    • June 27, 2017

                      • REST API. Approval Workflow support

                      June 23, 2017

                      • Portfolio and project reports replaced by custom reports

                      May 31, 2017

                      • Zapier API. Last Modification Date for project added
                      • Activity Center. Quick Creation Control replaced with new project creation control
                      • Follow: the Option ‘Make me a follower of an activity when I’m assigned to it’ added to My Options
                      • Follow: new event level ‘None’ added

                      May 8, 2017

                      • Project/Portfolio/Activity Statuses are now combined to the single Status entity
                      • Project/Portfolio/Activity Statuses tabs on System Lists replaced with new Workflow page

                      May 4, 2017

                        New Follower feature:

                      • Key Events and All events options for follower
                      • Auto-follow on task assignment
                      • Editable followers list in Task Details
                      • New filter to show activities where a user is a follower
                      • New notifications about new files and messages for follower

                      April 14, 2017

                        Mobile app updates:

                      • Ability to Add Project
                      • New Version Notification

                      April 7, 2017

                      • Portfolio custom fields added to ‘Time Entries’ source in Report Generator

                      March 22, 2017

                      • Portfolio Category was replaced by Custom Field for Portfolio
                      • Mobile app. Notifications are now stored on server

                      March 16, 2017

                      • Hours left do not split now for new assignees (assignee control/batch operations)
                      • Timeliness feature has been removed

                      March 1, 2017

                      • Now it’s possible to add new task at any place in hierarchical view
                      • Now it’s possible to add billable time entries to activities in fixed cost projects

                      February 21, 2017

                        Mobile app updates:

                      • Added Intercom integration
                      • Timer is now tracking time even when the app/device are turned off
                      • The app notifies now when a WiFi/cellular connection drops

                      February 16, 2017

                      • Activity Center. Added Batch dates changing

                      February 8, 2017

                      • Mobile apps. Added ability to filter tasks using Saved Views from Web version

                      January 27, 2017

                      • Android mobile app. Add time entry and mark taks as done features are now available on the All Tasks screen

                      January 26, 2017

                      • New Recurring Activities functionality
                      • Project details are opened now after creating a project

                      January 10, 2017

                      • New email notification templates
                      • Activity Center. Direct link to activity details scrolls the page to an activity now
                      • Activity Center. Activity is highlighted in the list now when its details are open

                      January 4, 2017

                        Mobile app updates:

                      • All non-completed activities are now available in the App, not only those assigned to you
                      • Links in messages made clickable
                      • Text in messages made available for copying
                      • Fixed bug prevented some attachment previews from displaying properly

                      December 26, 2016

                      • Search now includes results from Knowledge base
                      • Tasks order in a plain view now exactly matches hierarchical by default
                      • It is possible now to add and reorder tasks on a plain view

                      December 12, 2016

                      • Added Chrome / Firefox push notifications

                      December 1, 2016

                      • Mobile apps. Added creating tasks

                      November 21, 2016

                      • Added Baseline capture

                      November 1, 2016

                      • Mobile apps. Added “All tasks” page

                      October 28, 2016

                      • Added Power BI (reporting tool) integration
                      • Vacations Calendar moved to the Tools menu

                      October 20, 2016

                      • Added Azure AD SSO (Single Sign-on) feature
                      • Added 3 sec timer to delete operations

                      October 12, 2016

                      • Custom forms. Added the auto conversion feature

                      October 5, 2016

                      • Added new global permission “Invite users”
                      • Activity Center now shows whole activity tree when filtering by activity name

                      September 20, 2016

                      • Added “Default currency” option
                      • It’s possible now to see email recipients on message board
                      • The Lite edition introduced

                      September 9, 2016

                      • Fixed auto increment feature for portfolio restricted “number” project custom fields
                      • Fixed “welcome” email for Windows authentication
                      • Fixed. Multiple time entries cannot be added now by multiple clicks on the Record button

                      September 1, 2016

                      • Added tracking for Custom Form records conversion
                      • Added 5 minutes delay in sending “edit activity” and “assign activity” notification emails

                      August 21, 2016

                      • New Approval Workflow
                      • Custom Form records conversion now supports templates for projects and activities
                      • New activities are now autoassigned to current user if current user is selected in Activity Assignee filter in Activity Center

                      August 11, 2016

                      • Custom form records redesigned
                      • Added tracking for viewed custom form records
                      • Web mobile version removed

                      July 30, 2016

                      • Task duration can now be specified in hours and minutes
                      • Report generator. Due In field available now in all activity data sources
                      • Fixed error in Billing report for fixed cost activities
                      • Activity Center. Fixed error that could occur on double click on filters

                      July 21, 2016

                      • Resource Loading report. Export:
                      • – Format changed to native MS Excel
                        – Added user/project/task subtotals
                        – Added date header to each column

                      • Added email format validation during user import
                      • Fixed boolean (yes/no) filter in custom reports
                      • Fixed Gantt issues related to tasks with zero duration
                      • Fixed error when moving tasks with assigned disabled users

                      June 25, 2016

                      • Message sending form redesigned

                      June 23, 2016

                      • Project and activity details page can be closed now by pressing Esc key

                      June 13, 2016

                      • Fixed issue with synchronization of changes done to project/activity details page. Clicking I’m Done button now doesn’t affect changes done to fields
                      • Custom form record conversion. Start date is now set to today unless it was specified during conversion

                      June 8, 2016

                      • Added “Back to previous filters” button to Activity Center for cases if project/activtiy details page was opened by direct link
                      • Fixed issue with printing notification emails from Outlook for Mac OS

                      June 2, 2016

                      • Hyperlinks on message board are now clickable

                      June 1, 2016

                      • Redesigned project and activity details pages
                      • Added Budget to activity details

                      May 21, 2016

                      • Redesigned custom forms page
                      • All users with the Manage Members permission are now included in the Managers list
                      • Fixed issue with downloading attachments from the API

                      April 8, 2016

                      • Custom forms. Fixed issue with drop-down lists
                      • Added tooltip for hyperlinks in Description field

                      April 1, 2016

                      • Import from CSV. Added skills and teams for users
                      • Fixed issue with filters for Yes/No type custom fields for custom reports
                      • Fixed issue with empty data in bar chart custom reports

                      March 5, 2016

                      • Fixed performance issues for My Assignments, Activity Center and API calls
                      • Fixed issue with mobile devices detection
                      • The main menu is now pinned to the top in Activity Center

                      February 24, 2016

                      • Added Duplicate feature for Custom Forms

                      January 24, 2016

                      • Added Category/Priority/Status fields for custom forms conversion
                      • Fixed filtering by “Not Selected” value for List custom fields
                      • Actual Completion Date is now cleared on project duplication

                      January 16, 2016

                      • New appearance for messageboard
                      • CPI calculation now considers Hours Left
                      • Fixed issue with deleting custom statuses
                      • Fixed issue with completed activities visibility
                      • Fixed issue with filtration by Activity Billing in reports
                      • Changes for expenses in drafts/templates are shown in audit trail log now

                      January 15, 2016

                      • Gantt View. Fixed issue with multi dependency

                      January 13, 2016

                      • Report Generator. Added Parent Activity Name to Time Entries datasource

                      January 9, 2016

                      • Activity Center. Close button for current filters is always visible
                      • Activity details. New assignees control

                      December 17, 2015

                      • Report Generator. Added Expenses and Payments data sources

                      December 10, 2015

                      • Activity Center. Gantt View. Added: managing activity dependency
                      • Activity Center. Gantt View. Added: setting/changing dates
                      • Activity Center. Gantt View. Added: moving project/activity
                      • Added new events to audit trail log: expenses, payments
                      • Fixed formatting in digest email
                      • Fixed formatting in Excel report

                      November 29, 2015

                      • CPI & SPI are now available in Activity Center and Report Generator
                      • Charts are now visible on printed Dashboard page

                      November 19, 2015

                      • Tasks without Start or End date are now displayed on Gantt View

                      November 16, 2015

                      • Permissions for tasks, issues and requests are now combined into single permission set
                      • Updated examples for Import from CSV

                      November 6, 2015

                      • New Portfolio filter on Time Logs History page
                      • New Portfolio field in Time Entries datasource in custom reports
                      • Activity Center. Activity Dependency control can now be opened from Gantt View
                      • Duplicate Activity. Assignees will now return to work with their original estimates

                      October 22, 2015

                      • Added API throttling – 100 requests are now allowed per minute, 1000 per hour
                      • Added parent activity name to non-hierarchical custom report datasources
                      • Approval Workflow is now disabled by default
                      • Waiting for Approval status is no longer available if Approval Workflow is disabled

                      October 12, 2015

                      • New Gantt View for Activity Center
                      • Removed ID from activity names in reports with hierarchical view
                      • Changed sort order for activities in reports with hierarchical view from Name to WBS
                      • Fixed error deleting categories in specific cases

                      September 29, 2015

                      • Activity Center. Customize Fields pane now hides when a user clicks outside of it
                      • Added more colors to Pie Chart custom report

                      September 22, 2015

                      • Updated formula for Actual Budget Profitability metric

                      September 20, 2015

                      • Removed “Issue type” and “Issue date fixed” fields
                      • Activity Center. Quick search/filter now lists projects/activities that are currently used in filters

                      September 11, 2015

                      • Removed Activities (Silverlight) and Interactive Gantt pages
                      • Added automatic redirection from EP login page for authenticated users if return url is specified (it is a fix for hyperlinks in Excel/Word to EP pages)

                      August 26, 2015

                      • Fixed header and column width for users, activities and projects in Resource Loading report
                      • Fixed Legend for vacations in Resource Loading by Role report
                      • Estimated hours are now taken from Work field (previously Duration) for Import from MS Project
                      • Improved performance for Search in messages/attachments
                      • Fixed issue with adding time entries using Weekly Time in Firefox (needed to click twice to add an entry)

                      August 21, 2015

                      • New Custom Fields management page
                      • Time entries for unassigned users are now displayed in resource loading report

                      August 17, 2015

                      • Added I’m Done button to Activity Center
                      • Fixed file:// protocol handling in Hyperlink custom fields

                      July 30, 2015

                      • Added searching by messages and files
                      • Added ability to copy custom reports

                      July 29, 2015

                      • Fixed duplicate feature for a project with start date in the future
                      • Fix for a case when a user removes assignment from himself and doesn’t have permission to see all activities

                      July 28, 2015

                      • Fixed batch operations for activities in Activity Center
                      • Fixed “move activity” feature for a case if a target project contains activities with same names

                      July 23, 2015

                      • Fixed autoincrement feature for numeric custom field for cases of project/activity duplication

                      July 21, 2015

                      • Added teams to Resource Loading Report filters
                      • Activity Center. Improved performance for IE
                      • Fixed “Always notify person who made changes” notification option

                      July 15, 2015

                      • Added preview of images attached to project/activity
                      • Fixed HTML tags in notification email

                      July 8, 2015

                      • New simplified behavior of creating dependency between activities. Specifying dates for master activity is not required now. Dates are assigned automatically
                      • Custom forms. Removed restriction for mapping Text Area fields for record conversion rules
                      • Import from CSV. Case is ignored now for list values

                      July 2, 2015

                      • Removed limits for text and text area field length for Import from CSV
                      • Report generator: “Select all” and “Select none” options are moved to the top for Update assignee filter
                      • Fixed duplicate projects without users
                      • Fixed: project member role change is reverted

                      June 19, 2015

                      • Added quick add for portfolios, customers and categories to Activity Center and project/activity details
                      • Added help preview for custom fields on project/activity details

                      June 16, 2015

                      • New Login page
                      • Settings menu is now always expanded
                      • Fixed email templates to be displayed correctly in MS Outlook (message text is not cut now)

                      June 11, 2015

                      • Fixed dates calculation for Templates and Drafts, and for duplicated projects and activities (public holidays and weekends are taken into account now)
                      • Reports. Fixed export to Excel (report headers are not merged now)

                      June 9, 2015


                      • Updated “Quickly add time entry” feature on task details page (it is now the same as Weekly Time in Activity Center and on My Assignments)
                      • Activity Center. Inline name editor now saves changes right away, hitting Enter to save changes no longer required. Escape key can be used to cancel renaming
                      • Activity Center. Updates done to activities go smoothly now without reloading activity tree
                      • Activity Center. Simultaneous inline edits are accepted now
                      • Activity Center. Critical Path indicator is now separated from Dependency icon (it is now shown as a red arrow on the left of dependency icon)
                      • Added Loading indicator to custom report editor
                      • Fixed API performance for Outlook add-in requests

                      June 3, 2015


                      • Report Generator. Custom reports are now sorted by name
                      • Report Generator. Added category and status to Portfolio data source
                      • Report Generator. Added “Edit” button to custom report view page
                      • “Show completed” options are now ignored for report widgets on Dashboard
                      • “Invite user” now automatically adds a user as project member when invoked in Project Members editor
                      • Batch ops message is now automatically closed
                      • Fixed Walkme issue in IE 11

                      May 19, 2015


                      • Added new Report Generator
                      • Added Weekly Time to Activity Center

                      May 14, 2015


                      • Added Overview to Payroll report

                      May 6, 2015


                      • Added Payroll report
                      • Added paging to Project Calendar
                      • Added “Non billable” billing type to projects
                      • Custom forms. Added email address validation
                      • Improved data caching
                      • Fixed performance issue with activity health calculation
                      • Fixed issue with batch operations for users
                      • Fixed JS error on project details
                      • Fixed issue with loading user avatars in Guest Portal
                      • Fixed issue with time zones on messageboard
                      • API: added limit (200) for number of returned rows

                      April 17, 2015


                      • Report Generator. Added Project Budget to Financials data source

                      April 14, 2015


                      • Activity Health. Added the option to calculate SPI and CPI separately

                      April 2, 2015

                      • Added Intercom

                      March 31, 2015

                      • Added Export to CSV to Activity Center

                      March 26, 2015

                      • Added missing words for Italian translation in Activity Center
                      • Improved caching for images

                      March 6, 2015

                      • Fixed issue: activity progress adjusted to 99% after changing activity status
                      • API: fixed issue with permission check for events

                      March 5, 2015

                      • Added date range selector to Vacation Calendar
                      • Added half day vacation support
                      • Removed vacation support from guest users

                      February 25, 2015

                      • Fixed issue with reordering activities in Activity Center

                      February 18, 2015

                      • Fixed issue with project profitability not being recalculated in some cases
                      • Fixed issue with progress filter in Activity Center
                      • Fixed issue with dialog box for SmarterTrack in Activity Center

                      February 17, 2015

                      • Negative project profitability values are now displayed in red in Activity Center and project details
                      • Redesigned overload details section on RLS screen: added avatars, added a tooltip for the Create Project button, updated text layout to make difference between existing workload, planned workload and resulting overload more clear

                      February 11, 2015

                      • Added overload by skills to Resource Loading Simulation
                      • Fixed error in Activity Center that could stop loading data in some cases
                      • Fixed error on Stop Timer button on My Assignments if activity was deleted
                      • Fixed custom fields values order in Activity Center

                      February 4, 2015

                      • Added new financial metrics for project: Estimated Budget Profitability and Actual Budget Profitability
                      • Changed Estimated Cost metric to use personal hours of assignees
                      • Fixed filtering by project name for non-English string
                      • Fixed JS error in IE 11 on project details

                      January 21, 2015

                      • Fixed minor issues caused by IE 11 autocompletion
                      • Fixed project import error when at least two projects have the same names
                      • Fixed Add button gray-out in timer popup
                      • Fixed error on old project list on simultaneous editing
                      • Fixed error on Search page when user is redirected to it from project details after deleting project
                      • Improved performance for Duplicate Project operation

                      January 9, 2015

                      • Improved performance of dates calculation

                      January 6, 2015

                      • Fixed z-index for custom forms datepicker
                      • Issue by email module should now correctly continue processing in case of failure

                      December 31, 2014

                      • Added Resource Loading Simulation module
                      • Added built-in Draft status for projects

                      December 11, 2014

                      • Fixed “Task hours and sum of personal hours do not match” error when disabling a user
                      • Fixed search page selector handling
                      • Added redirection from old search page to new one

                      December 9, 2014

                      • New Search page
                      • Fixed attachments download links for Firefox

                      December 5, 2014

                      • Added insert date/time buttons to rich text editor
                      • Portfolio permission check adjusted – “Manage portfolio” is no longer required to add a project to portfolio.
                        New minimal permissions set is
                        – edit project and view portfolio for existing projects,
                        – add project and view portfolio for new projects

                      December 3, 2014

                      • New Estimated Cost metric for project financials
                      • Fixed new line handling in description change notifications
                      • Report Generator: “Prompt for value range” filter now works correctly if only From or To value is specified
                      • Performance fixes for the My Assignments page
                      • LiveChat panel is removed. Now LiveChat functionality is integrated to the bottom WalkMe panel)

                      November 19, 2014

                      • Activity Import: Added support for multiple projects in a single CSV file
                      • Fixed crash when trying to type a non-existing username
                      • Fixed new line support for subjects in custom email templates

                      November 17, 2014

                      • New caching engine is now used for better performance
                      • API: fix for activity assignee

                      November 12, 2014

                      • API: fix for project member creation
                      • Fixed performance issue with “Can Start” email notifications
                      • Changed text field length limit from 255 to 4000 characters
                      • Removed restriction for unique project names. Exception: Activity Center Quick Creator control.

                      November 6, 2014

                      • Fixed task creation crash on the old Project list page
                      • Fixed “Reset/Update permissions in all projects” button on the Role Details page. It no longer requires a user to save the role first.
                      • Walk-me tutorials are now enabled for all users
                      • Fixed custom form list conversion to list custom fields

                      October 30, 2014

                      • Number of pinned items on Activity Center is limited to 10 to prevent page performance degradation
                      • A number of performance fixes for Activity Center filtering
                      • Fixed %20 and national character issues

                      October 22, 2014

                      • Poodle SSL3 fixed
                      • Projects are now closed when 100% activity progress is set at Interactive Gantt
                      • Report Generator: portfolio field added to the activity datasource
                      • Fixed notification email duplication

                      October 18, 2014

                      • Version 10 is released: New Assignment Control with split hours functionality

                      October 15, 2014

                      • Fixed issue with filter actions at Activity Center (e.g. not being able to clear filter)

                      October 10, 2014

                      • The description control on the details pages was replaced with the control from Activity Center
                      • Added option to use estimated completion date for dependencies
                      • The limit of text custom fields is increased to 80
                      • Export to Excel on the Resource Loading report page now has user, project and activity for each line

                      October 7, 2014

                      • New 404 “Page not found” page design
                      • Fixed filtering by project custom field error on Activity Classic
                      • Major performance improvements for late notifications
                      • Major performance improvements in data access layer, entire app should be faster now by ~20%

                      September 29, 2014

                      • Minor bug fixes
                      • “Suggest Feature” link updated to point to the new Community site

                      September 26, 2014

                      • Turkish localization
                      • Ability to turn-on custom SMTP tab
                      • Minor fixes for search at Activity Center
                      • Option not to send email notifications added for most batch operations
                      • Additional permission checks added for Financial reports (users will not be able to run a custom report with the financial datasource after “can access billing info” permissions is revoked)
                      • Dashboard: “Overbudget tasks” widget is renamed to “Underestimated tasks”
                      • Fixed a check for “Treat as completed” flag on the Task Details page