Get Easy Projects Certified

The Easy Project Certification program is a progressive set of 3 online exams that challenge and validate your Easy Project expertise

You can take one, two or all three exams in any order depending on your goals, level of knowledge and requirements

Power User Exam

Certified Power User
Tests your knowledge of using Easy Projects to collaborate with collegues, and execute projects on time and on budget.

Format: Multiple Choice

Mode: Online

Length: 50 Questions

Duration: ~ 40 min

Success Criteria: 80%

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Project Manager Exam

Certified Project Manager
Further demonstrates your Easy Projects prowess in planning, executing and reporting on Projects, Portfolios and more.

Format: Multiple Choice

Mode: Online

Length: 36 Questions

Duration: ~ 30 min

Success Criteria: 80%

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Administrator Exam

Certified Administrator
Tests your proficiency in configuring the system to guarantee your team's and organization's success.

Format: Multiple Choice

Mode: Online

Length: 20 Questions

Duration: ~ 20 min

Success Criteria: 80%

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Certification Benefits

Easy Projects Certifications include many career advancing benefits such as:

Demonstrating to colleagues, employers, business partners, and customers that you have the skills and ambition to succeed;
Showcasing your achievement and expertise with an official Easy Projects Certification badge and certificate;
Improving your Project Management knowledge and skills;
Using your newly validated skills and credentials for advancement of your career;
Running your projects more efficiently;
Enhancing your online profile (such as LinkedIn);
Earning Easy Projects rewards points to redeem for your choice of prize;

How to become Easy Projects Certified


Choose the appropriate certification exam(s) based on your goals.


Train up using comprehensive Easy Projects self-serve training materials including video tutorials, interactive training guides, written online help articles and knowledgebase articles. In a hurry? The Easy Projects Customer Success team also offers paid training sessions that can be customized to meet your exact needs to save time.


We recommend starting with the short sample exam to get a feel for the structure and content. Once you are ready you can take your chosen certification exam(s) right away. Just click on the link below to get started.

Leverage Benefits

Take advantage of all of the benefits of being an Easy Projects Certified Professional.

Discover opportunities

Use your newly validated skills and credentials for advancement in your career.

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