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Birdview PSA helps marketing agencies delight their clients. When customer communication and results sharing are streamlined - work is delivered and approved faster. Happy clients refer other clients. Profits grow.

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Better Service Delivery

An easy-to-use PSA platform helps your team focus on the important things - creativity. Shorten the project life-cycle by sharing work updates and results with your clients.

Optimized Resources

Gain visibility into your resources and capacity. Optimize your team's workload and take on new projects and accounts with a higher level of confidence and predictability.

Increased Profit Margins

Easily identify your most profitable accounts or money-losing projects through real-time financial dashboards and make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Simplified Collaboration for Local and Remote Teams

Birdview PSA simplifies communication within teams whether they’re sitting in the same room or spread across continents. It’s a single workplace for all files, messages, notes and comments.

Everyone is on the same path to success and shares the ability to freely communicate in a contained, easy way, while avoiding the mess of emails, spreadsheets and post-it notes.

Simplified Collaboration

Faster Client Approvals with Image Annotations

With Image annotations clients or team members can mark specific areas on the uploaded images and add comments for the rest of the team to review.

It’s an excellent collaboration tool for any creative team dealing with digital or printed assets. Being able to annotate images right where they’re located within the context of a project or task significantly reduces
work approval times.

Stronger Client Engagement with a FREE Guest Portal

Birdview PSA’s Guest Portal allows your clients to easily see the status of their campaign or project, and provide feedback or approve results.

FREE Guest Portal

Optimized Resources and Timelines

Always know who's currently available to complete a specific task, or which resources you need to bring in to take on a new project next quarter.

Set dependencies between tasks and projects to always have a realistic view of your project timelines.

Optimized Resources and Timelines

Financial Clarity

Real-time financial KPIs highlight your most profitable clients or bring attention to the projects or campaigns that are at risk of cost overruns.

Grow your agency faster with early insights into your highest performing resources and clients.

Financial Clarity

Birdview integrates with over 2000+ apps

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With Birdview PSA
Service Businesses Achieve:

“It's really a way for me to get marketing materials completed since I do not have the necessary tools to get those projects done. The benefits are being able to monitor the projects are they go through the steps in Easy Projects.”

DVS DVS - Grand RapidsChief Financial Officer

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