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Benefit from smart and advanced project planning functionality with Birdview PSA. Accurately plan future projects and optimize them on-the-go with ease.

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Set the Right Priorities

Prioritizing and assessing potential projects and initiatives is an important step in achieving maximum ROI.

With Birdview PSA, your sales teams, PMO, project and delivery managers can review, evaluate, and prioritize planned projects.

Whether you are working on a client's request or internal tasks, you can rank these initiatives based on a set of evaluation criteria, including value, risks, resource demand, etc.

All project rankings can be visualized in real-time via a single dashboard to help your managers decide which initiatives and in what order will be approved and executed.

Learn from the Past

Understand your past performance to find and eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow, thus improving and optimizing your processes.

Birdview PSA empowers you with actionable insights by tapping into extensive historical data analysis and performance dashboards.

Birdview PSA also saves your team time by avoiding unnecessary data entry. Project Plan Templates are perfect for situations that involve similar or repetitive projects. They also allow you to quickly estimate the timeline and budget by reusing the parameters from previous plans.

Schedule with Ease

Planning a project should not become a project in itself. Birdview PSA makes the project planning process a breeze.

Use Birdview's Interactive Gantt Chart to create a well-structured project plan and adjust it to fit the needs of your team and your client. Change dates, task and project duration, and set dependencies across multiple projects as you need.

Find Optimal Resources

There is nothing more important than choosing the right people for the job.

Birdview PSA enables Project and Resource Managers to identify the availability of resources based on skills, availability, and fit.

A built-in Interactive Resource Loading feature (“what-if” analysis) helps you view and adjust the assigned workload of an entire team, efficiently plan future projects, and avoid conflicts while assigning the best-skilled staff to the right task at the right time. Resource Loading changes such as hourly allocation, task date, and duration can be made on the fly with just a few clicks.

Budget with Confidence

The service industry is notorious for projects going over budget. With Birdview PSA, managers can accurately set up a budget based on estimated labor and expenses.

Birdview's financial module allows you to track project budgets against actual costs and expected profits in real time throughout the entire project delivery cycle. The platform also supports multiple currencies.

Enable better financial planning by leveraging additional metrics within the platform such as Cost Variance, Work in Progress, Estimated Budget, and Profitability.

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