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Track Time and Expenses with Ease

Accurate time and expense tracking can be a determining factor between a highly profitable project and one that loses money.

Birdview PSA allows team members to track and manage their time more efficiently by leveraging both built-in and integrated solutions. Each employee will know exactly how and where their time is spent and can ask managers to approve and lock their time entries when needed.

Team members can also easily track non-labor expenses and attribute them to an appropriate project or task. As a result, time and expense reporting, as well as subsequent billing, becomes a breeze.

Leverage Flexible Billing

Every service business is unique and so are their billing models.

Birdview PSA supports various billing methods including Time and Material, Fixed Cost projects, Resource or Project-based billing as well as Rate Cards.

Invoice Faster

Cash flow is the quintessential lifeblood of any service organization. Getting paid faster ensures that your team, contractors, and vendors are paid on time and it allows you to invest the cash back into the business to scale and grow faster.

Birdview PSA helps you streamline and shorten the delivery-to-cash timeline. Birdview simplifies and unifies time and expense tracking for employees and contractors thus eliminating manual errors and speeding up the approval process.

With Integration between Birdview PSA and Accounting and ERP platforms, the entire invoicing process runs smoother, takes less time, and helps you get paid faster.

Forecast with Confidence

The ability to accurately forecast project profitability in real-time is a competitive advantage worth gaining.

Birdview PSA provides managers and executives with forecasts on all key financial project metrics: revenue, labor and non-labor costs, budget variance, profit amount, profit margins, and more.

With KPIs available in real-time, Managers and executives can make prompt educated decisions and adjust schedules and/or resources on the fly to maintain target profitability.

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