Birdview PSA Monitoring and Control

Visibility at Every Step

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Service Delivery Cycle

Track Team Performance

Having the capability to monitor progress and proactively manage risks before they become a problem is a crucial element in project execution.

Birdview PSA helps managers achieve success by providing them with a variety of built-in indicators, tools, and alerts to monitor adherence to the service delivery schedule.

A number of pre-built reports and dashboards help Project Managers and Executive team members make informed and timely decisions by monitoring real-time KPIs and metrics across multiple projects and portfolios.

Control Resources and Team Utilization

Time is the most valuable resource of any services organization. How efficiently this time is spent will determine the profitability of the company.

With features like comprehensive business intelligence dashboards, Birdview PSA helps managers monitor all key resource metrics, including Billable Utilization, Earned Value, Capacity Forecast, Demand Projects, and much more.

By making better resourcing decisions your service organization will achieve better outcomes and higher customer satisfaction.

Gain Visibility into Project Financials

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to cost overruns.

Birdview PSA allows project and delivery managers to monitor actual project costs, profits, and revenue and compare it against the target baseline as well as values at the end of the project.

As a result, potential losses can be detected and corrective action taken before it’s too late.

Keep Your Clients Informed

Informed clients - are happy clients. Birdview PSA increases customer satisfaction by embedding them into the service delivery process.

The Client Portal within Birdview PSA is a central hub for all project communications.

This is where clients can see a project plans shared with them, track progress, submit issues or requests, and review work items that require approval.

Make Data Driven Decisions

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