MS Outlook add-in for Birdview

This add-in allows you to interact with Birdview without leaving Outlook. It’s perfect for tracking projects, checking tasks, quick updates and attaching files.

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Your team can do more with the MS Outlook add-in:

  • View their assignments
  • Update status and progress
  • Synchronize calendar and contacts
  • Attach files to projects & activities
  • And much more…
We can now convert an email to a task with attachments and all....

“The BV Outlook Add-In is a brilliant addition to the Birdview platform.

This has GREATLY REDUCED the time it takes us to enter tasks as we can now convert an email to a task with attachments and all.

From one software developer to another this is a very well developed module and your support has been top notch. We recommend this Add-In to all users.”

amortech logo Isaac Amor - CEO

Key Features

Emails to Tasks

The add-in will allow you to take any email in your mailbox and with just a few clicks convert it into a new task transferring over all attachments.


Changes made to tasks and projects in Outlook are synchronized with Birdview in real time.

Time Tracking

Quickly add timesheets for any of your tasks right from Outlook

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