Adobe Creative
Cloud Extension for Birdview

Manage your work and projects within Birdview without ever leaving your Adobe Creative Cloud. Integrating both programs allows you to navigate across multiple projects and assets with ease while simplifying team collaboration between various departments.

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Our Adobe extension supports your creative team with:

Updated Export & Upload

Stay organized by attaching images and exporting artboards from Photoshop or Illustrator straight into the designated task in Birdview.


Receive prompt feedback from your team by requesting approval for attached documents and digital assets.


Stay connected. Posted comments in Adobe automatically sync to the correct message board in Birdview.

Use Cases

Here are some examples of how different members of your team can utilize our Adobe Creative Cloud extension:

Person with colors


Automatically sync your digital assets to Birdview for easy sharing with your team, or capture feedback from clients via the guest portal.

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Use the built-in approval workflow to easily manage tasks and changes to any documents provided by your team.

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Birdview in action:

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