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Data Secure

Birdview PSA provides Enterprise-grade security at both the system and project level. We offer robust user permissions, data encryption in transit and at rest, geo-redundant backups, and state-of-the-art data centers powered by Microsoft Azure.

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Tailor-Made Role Access

Custom roles enable you to get very granular when determining what each person should and should not be able to access.

With enterprise-grade security in mind, Birdview PSA can accommodate even the most flexible data access requirements.

Easy Permission Management

User permissions can be adjusted at the project level. For example, an engineer may have editing privileges for Project A but only viewing privileges for Project B.

A list featuring checkboxes makes this process a breeze.

Enhanced Security Policies

Password strength and expiration policies, encrypted traffic, user-lockout, user audit logs, encrypted backups, and more – these tools are available to you to ensure your data safety and security.

Enterprise clients can also choose additional security options like Private Cloud as well as data encryption at rest.

Single Sign-On

SAML SSO allows Birdview users to seamlessly authenticate using an existing SAML provider (hosted or on-premise), including Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

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