Resource Management

Streamline Your Resource Planning Process

Increase your profit margins by keeping your team's workload balanced and by improving your resource allocation and billable utilization.

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Plan for Future Projects

Birdivew PSA features a Resource Loading Simulation that enables you to plan for future projects by giving you answers to questions like:

  • What is the current workload of my team?
  • Do we have the right balance of skills on the team?
  • Is my team fully utilized with the right projects and work?
  • Are any team members over or under-utilized?
  • When can we start and complete a new project with our current workload?
Resource Loading Simulation Screen

Find Resource Capacity by Skill and Availability

Birdview PSA simplifies resource capacity planning by allowing you to:

  • Accurately check resource availability for future projects
  • Organize a project team based on their specific skills and availability
  • Ensure that there are no conflicts with existing project schedules before scheduling new projects

Manage Resource Loading and Schedule

The Project Resource Loading Report provides a clear visual representation of your entire workforce, giving you the ability to:

  • Optimize your resource capacity
  • Avoid overloading team member's work capacity
  • Spot future downtime
  • Maintain employee job satisfaction and productivity

Make Better Resource Decision with BI

Birdview PSA’s built-in Business Intelligence (BI) engine comes with dozens of ready-to-use dashboards and reports that cover every aspect of your resourcing needs:

  • Billable and non-billable resource utilization
  • Demand projections
  • Resource loading by users, teams, or skills
  • Labor projections
  • And many more...

Track Vacations and Time Off

Birdview PSA makes it easy to add, edit, and track vacations or absences either directly or through an integration with an HR system. See the real-time totals for each type of absence and then utilize that information during assignments or resource planning.

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