Reporting and Business Intelligence

Reporting Made Easy

With Birdview PSA you can create your own tables, charts, and metric reports using data sources such as projects, tasks, time entries, and more.

You have full control of what’s included in these reports and can customize everything from date ranges to appearance. Any report you create can be published to the Dashboard. You can also export your reports as PDF files for access on any device, or as an Excel file so that you can manipulate and visualize the data to your preference.

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Executive Dashboard

Similar to the one in your car, Birdview’s dashboard gives you access to critical information and KPIs needed for effective decision-making.

Monitor the most important aspects of your projects in real-time: financial health, timesheets, project status, billing, resource loading, and more.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Birdview PSA offers an embedded Business Intelligence engine, which enables both project leaders and senior executives to dynamically interpret and analyze large amounts of data in beautifully designed interactive reports and dashboards.

Whether you need a specific project performance scorecard, a list of who your top 10 underloaded team members are, or what the profit outlook is for an entire portfolio, Birview provides the real-time views you need.

BI dashboards enable users to visualize, analyze, and interpret real-time data with speed, efficiency, and clarity. It provides true insight and transparency into project and program performance and profitability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Forecast

Birdview PSA harnesses the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help project managers predict when a project is most likely to be completed.

Birdview utilizes a proprietary algorithm to process all available historical data and analyze dozens of variables:

  • Who is working on a project?
  • What’s their past performance history?
  • How quickly tasks are being closed?

As a result, project managers can see the most likely project end date and the confidence level associated with the prediction. By taking pre-emptive corrective actions early, project managers can save their organizations thousands of dollars in contractual obligations, overtime payments, and unhappy clients.

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