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Take service delivery to the next level by choosing the professional services automation platform that unites teams, contractors, and clients. View and analyze project performance and profitability, identify bottlenecks and avoid project delays.

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Gain Complete Visibility into Your Projects Your Way

Project data can be displayed in Table, Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, or Calendar format. Use the Archiving feature to hide inactive or completed projects and visualize only relevant and active work.

  • Table View

    Avoid going over budget or past deadlines with full visibility into all projects and tasks.

    With a familiar spreadsheet-like view, get unlimited task hierarchy and features like color-coded health indicators, column customizations, and much more.

  • Interactive Gantt Chart

    Plan and visualize projects more efficiently with the interactive Gantt chart.

    View the critical path, spot potential delays, and update your entire project schedule, instantly.

  • Kanban Board

    Visualize and monitor your tasks through each phase while being able to easily identify bottlenecks. Users can easily complete their work and drag their task to the next phase, automatically sending an update to project team members. The Kanban Board makes it easy to configure a layout that aligns with the needs of a team, projects, and workflows.

  • Calendar

    Get a birds-eye-view of project activity and due dates with our fully customizable, color-coded calendar.

  • Table
  • Gantt
  • Board
  • Calendar
Table View
Gantt Chart
Kanban board view
Calendar view

Personalized & Interactive To-do Lists

Team can hit the ground running in no time with personalized to-do lists.

Team members can see everything they’re are supposed to be working on as well as provide status updates or quickly record time. They can also share Share the newest developments with other team members, let project manager know how far along they are on their tasks, raise issues, get help, and share files.

Project Templates

Project Templates save you time by cutting out unnecessary data entry. Get a quick timeline or budget estimates by reusing your previous project plans. In addition, templates help Project Managers identify required roles within their plan by allocating tasks and hours to placeholder resources.

Dependencies and Critical Path

Task dependencies help you automatically reschedule entire projects when a single start or end date of a task in this project is changed. Birdview PSA supports both internal and cross-project dependencies.

In addition, the tasks required to complete the project in the shortest time are automatically highlighted on the Gantt Chart.

Critical Path

Portfolio Management

Birdview PSA offers Portfolio Management tools to accurately budget, analyze, and prioritize multiple projects simultaneously. Grouping projects into organized portfolios enables you to efficiently segment projects based on team members, department, clients, and more.

You can track the progress of all projects and the performance of individual team members within each portfolio. If a new project for a specific portfolio is created, you can assess whether or not there will be any timeline or work allocation conflicts and then assign resources accordingly.

Intake Forms

Often used to capture New Projects or Change Requests, Custom Forms enable you to capture virtually any type of information.

Custom forms are powerful because they make it easy to share and collect the information you need from team members or stakeholders.

Get input from people outside your company with public URLs, or use internal links to keep things private.

Collected data, can either analyzed as is or converted into tasks or projects with a single click.

As an added bonus, you can automatically apply a template to a newly created project or task, turning it into a fully actionable project within seconds.

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