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Bridview PSA integrates with CRMs, email clients, ERPs, accounting software and much more to provide your organization with continuity of data and business process automation.

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CRM Integrations

An integration between Birdview PSA and your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, MS Dynamics, etc) ensures seamless bi-directional synchronization between projects and tasks in Birdview and objects in your CRM (contact, company, ticket, deal, etc.)

For example, when a new object (contact, ticket, deal) is created or updated in the CRM, a corresponding object can be created or updated in Birdview and vice versa.

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Systems & ERP

By connecting Birdview PSA with your existing ERP platform or accounting system (Xero, Quickbooks, Deltek, Netsuite, etc), you ensure successful project delivery and a great customer experience through full automation of your entire project lifecycle from initiating, planning, and execution to delivery, billing, and cash collection.

Through the integration process, you can automatically push timesheets and expense data to the external financial system, while being able to pull internal and external billing rates into Birdview.

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