Unify Teams and Increase Stakeholder Engagement

Teams that collaborate produce better work, faster. Birdview PSA removes barriers that exist between team members or stakeholders and replaces them with tools that promote knowledge sharing, teamwork and increased engagement.

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Messaging & File Sharing

Birdview PSA helps improve your team’s collaboration by keeping all project and task-related conversations in one central location.

Team members can ‘@mention’ each other or choose to follow specific message threads. If you still like using email, that’s okay too. You can choose to receive email notifications for messages and you can reply directly from your inbox. Your message will then be posted in Birdview.

Team members can also attach files at both the project and task level. Add images or document attachments to your messages and keep track of versions via the audit trail that is created within each message thread.

Client Portal

Clients feel more comfortable about the status of their projects when they’re kept in the loop. Enable outside parties, whether stakeholders, clients, or other departments within your company, to view and track progress through the Client Portal.

Using their free guest licenses, users can submit issues or requests directly to your team. You can also assign team members to be automatically notified of anything that a client submits.

Guest users can also join in task discussions (only the ones you give access to) and can add/download files. This way, you can easily run a draft by your clients, they can submit feedback within Birdview, and you can implement the changes, all without having to resort to email, or unnecessary meetings.


With Image annotations, team members can mark uploaded images and add comments for the rest of the team to review.

This is an excellent collaboration tool for any creative team working with digital or printed assets. Being able to annotate images right where they’re located within the context of a project or task can be a great time saver!

Approval Workflow

Sometimes the project you’re working on requires a thumbs up from someone before you can take the next step.

To make this process easier, Birdview PSA offers an Approval Workflow, which allows team members to request approvals on tasks or attached files. Once requested, the selected manager receives a notification of the pending approval request, where they can approve or reject the deliverables and provide comments.


Keep everyone in the loop. You can notify specific team members when you send a message by simply selecting the recipient.

You can also opt into receiving desktop notifications to avoid checking your inbox for a project or task updates.

The ‘follow’ functionality within each task lets you follow the tasks that you want to be notified about. Even if you’re not personally working on a task, you can still follow its progress.

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