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A Personalized Work Experience for All

User adoption is critical to the success of any software implementation. Birdview PSA minimizes the learning curve by offering a personalized experience for each team member based on their visual preferences (Table, Gantt, Kanban, Calendar) and level of project management savviness.

Birdview PSA helps managers create, approve or modify project plans with ease. Additionally, Projects and activities can be viewed, filtered, or assigned with a few clicks.

Front-line employees and project contributors also benefit from a host of functionality designed to maximize their productivity and enable them to quickly provide status updates, track time, and communicate with their entire team.

Collaborate Effectively

Having a centralized location for all project communications and files keeps all team members on the same page, saves time, and reduces the chances of things slipping through the cracks.

Birdview PSA allows team members to post messages at the project or task level to keep information properly categorized and easily actionable.

When working on a project or an activity, team members can also easily attach and share files. All changes and communication within a project are time-stamped and available for audit or compliance purposes.

Automate the Approval Workflow

Having a formal approval process helps eliminate confusion both internally and externally.

Birdview PSA features a simple yet powerful approval workflow that adds discipline and an audit trail to the delivery acceptance process.

With Birdview PSA team members can request and track approvals from multiple stakeholders. When reviewing images, users can add annotations and instantly provide feedback. All key actions and changes in a project are recorded and tracked via the audit log.

Manage Out-of-Scope Requests

Scope creep is real. If the project scope is not controlled properly, costs can balloon, and the schedule can slip.

Birdview PSA allows teams to efficiently manage any out-of-scope requests or issues. With the Client Portal, all new requests and issues are submitted through a single centralized location.

Each request can be triaged and approved before the project plan is updated. With a detailed audit trail, it’s easy to bill for out-of-scope enhancements or justify schedule changes.

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