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Service Delivery Cycle

Automate the Sales to Delivery Hand-Off

Birdview PSA offers a seamless hand-off between sales and service delivery teams, eliminating delays, double data-entry, and mistakes.

When the sales team identifies a qualified opportunity, a project is automatically created within Birdview PSA via CRM integration.

Alternatively, the project intake process can be fully automated using Custom Forms.

Get Accurate Estimates

Your sales team needs to be able to quote with confidence in order to close the deal.

With Birdview PSA, the project or delivery manager can easily prepare a project plan that includes an estimated budget, timeline, and soft resource allocation.

Birdview PSA allows you to quickly create this plan from scratch or by using a template from a similar opportunity in the past.

Automate Proposals

Your sales team’s time is a precious resource. It should not be wasted on routine tasks that can be automated.

Through integrations with Document Automation or eSignature solutions, Birdview PSA can help automate and simplify your proposal or contract creation processes.

Key project details, including dates, milestones, budget, schedule, etc can be automatically added to the document template from the project plan.

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