Resource Management Platform to Plan Your Best Work

One platform to plan, schedule, and forecast your resources, projects, and finances.

Purpose-built for service delivery teams.


Resource Scheduling

Effortlessly Schedule Resources and Manage Capacity

Schedule projects, assign tasks, and manage your team’s workload to maximize resource utilization and fulfill your current project needs.

Project Planning

Plan Projects, Activities, and Resources

Leverage our resource allocation and capacity planning tools to make sure you have enough resources to take on more work.

Financial Management

Accurately Forecast Revenue and Track Costs

Have real-time visibility into costs and billing to avoid budget overruns, drive up profit margins, and proactively grow your team.

Experience the Power of Resource Planning Center

Resource Capacity Planning

Smart resource scheduling to find the right people for the job. Simplify project resource capacity planning by:

  • Organizing a project team based on their skills and availability
  • Accurately checking current resource availability
  • Ensuring that there are no conflicts in schedules between in-progress and future projects

Resource Utilization

Make the best of your resources by getting real-time visibility into their utilization.

  • Always know how much of your available resources you are currently using
  • Keep control of billable and non-billable hours to increase revenue
  • Maximize resources utilization by quickly identifying overloaded and underloaded resources across projects

Resource Forecasting

Forecast your future resource demand and compare it against its current availability to know whether you have enough resources to fulfill your needs ahead of time.

  • Create actionable strategies to prevent resource shortage
  • Predict and avoid conflicts in project schedules
  • Identify skill gaps and provide training for existing employees or hire additional staff in advance
A resource capacity planning screen

Filter data by projects, users, skills, roles and portfolios

Number of sheduled hours that exceed estimated hours.

Gain full visibility into your team's workload across projects and individual specialists

Allocate hours for each user manually, automatically, or using back-load and front-load functionality.

Number of estimated hours that are not scheduled yet.

Quickly identify under- and overloaded staff members with color coding.

Quickly Take on New Projects with Confidence

Find optimal resourcing scenarios and timelines for upcoming projects with the Resource Loading Simulation tool.

  • Find the earliest date to start a project based on the required skills
  • Explore multiple scenarios of timelines and project teams to choose the best option
  • Identify potential conflicts with existing projects
  • Make informed hiring decisions based on detected skill gaps
Business Intelligence

Gain Complete Visibility into Resources

Birdview PSA’s built-in Business Intelligence engine comes with 250+ ready-to-use dashboards and reports that cover every aspect of your resourcing needs.

Get up-to-date valuable insights on resources, projects, finances, time tracking, future planning and forecasting, etc.

Resource Loading Report by Skills
Resource Utilization Dashboard
Demand Projections
Resource Loading by User Report
Top 10 Over-Loaded Staff
Business Outlook - Labor Projections

Deliver Best Work,
with the Best PSA Tools

Project Management

Automate and Simplify your Key Workflows with Birdview PSA

Give time back to your employees by making it easy to find and visualize project information, so your team can focus on the most important thing — delivering clients’ projects with excellence.

  • Visualize and manage your projects in the most suitable view (Table, Gantt Chart, Calendar, Kanban)
  • Use the unlimited hierarchy to handle the most complex projects
  • Increase client engagement with a Client Portal
  • Use Birdview PSA as a single collaborative space to share messages, files, feedback, request and receive approvals
Click on the Tabs
  • Work in progress
  • Table View
  • Gantt Chart View
  • Kanban View
  • Calendar View
EBirdview PSA Activity Center table view Birdview PSA management software - Gantt chart Birdview PSA planning system - Kanban board Birdview PSA tracking software - Calendar view
Budget Management

Always Stay On-Time and

Manage, monitor, and optimize your organization’s finances. With the help of Birdview PSA, you can:

  • Compare planned expenses against actual costs
  • Identify risks before your project runs above the budget
  • Get paid faster with flexible built-in billing features
  • Set custom rates across projects, specialists, and customers

Bring All Your Data Together with 2,000+ Integrations

Connect Birdview PSA with your favorite tools (Salesforce, Hubspot, MS Dynamics, Quickbooks, JIRA, etc.) to streamline your business processes.

Help your team focus more on project delivery rather than data collecting and processing. Prevent human errors by automating repetitive tasks.

Birdview PSA integration solutions cover

Best in Class Onboarding and Technical Support

  • 3-6 week implementation
  • Personal product manager
  • Complete data migration
  • Personalized training program
  • Business workflow design
  • Industry best practices applied
  • Custom instance setup
  • Integration with your existing solutions

“... I highly recommend the implementation “Path to Success” Program. With everything else we had going on, Birdview PSA Success Coach made getting started much easier.“

Laura Goldstein, Marketing Director
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37% Increase in productivity

We use a lot of (BI) data for external customers on the fly

“Visibility and access to information have caused a cultural shift. We use a lot of (BI) data for external customers on the fly – It provides a tremendous amount of help.”

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Journal Cominiateion Inc logo
Journal Cominiateion Inc logo

We can lead the entire cross disciplinary process

“Almost 100 salaried hours and 39 days were trimmed from the schedule using Birdview PSA to document and lead the entire cross disciplinary process.”

Susanna Baxter Product Designer
30% Decrease in project duration
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The duration of our high volume projects has decreased by 30%

“The most dramatic improvement has been that the duration of our high volume projects has decreased by 30% since we started using Birdview PSA.”

William Tucker Director of Technical Services
Justin Smith
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Our clients are more satisfied, we’re able to adhere to the deadlines

“Projects have definitely become easier to manage and they're a lot more accurate in as far as adherence to our project timelines. Our clients are more satisfied, we’re able to adhere to the deadlines that have been set a lot better.”

Justin Smith Project Manager
60% Increased productivity

We’ve increased our productivity by 60%

“We are comprised of multiple companies, so being able to collect data from multiple systems and to house it into one system where everyone can see it is extremely valuable. We’ve increased our productivity by 60%.”

Eric Baker Sr. Manager Service Delivery
99% More productive since using Birdview PSA
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We’re 99% more productive since using Birdview PSA!

“We’ve completed twice as much work in the same amount of time compared to the previous year. We’re 99% more productive since using Birdview PSA!

Stacie Hayes Community and Project Integration Manager

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