Often used to capture new project or change requests, custom forms also enable you to capture virtually any type of information. Once the data is collected, it can easily be mapped to a project template, which then can either be automatically assigned or held for review and approval before assignment. You can then convert any submission into a task, project, issue, or request with a single click.

Custom forms allow you to be very creative in what you need: a survey tool, issue tracking, a way for you to collect and process job applicants, or a way to automate your client requests for projects.They can also help you achieve compliance as each field can be flagged as either required or optional. All field options (eg.pick lists, radio buttons, date fields, free text, etc.) are fully tailor-made, ensuring the form meets your specific needs.

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Activity Center (the “heart” of Birdview): widely used by project/program/resource managers. Here you can easily create, approve, and modify project and resourcing plans, view, search, filter, assign, and update projects, activities, finances, and forecasting. Based on user preference, project data can be displayed as a hierarchical or flat view, Gantt Chart or Kanban board.

Our interactive Gantt Chart offers a dynamic and visual way to change dates, duration and set dependencies. The Kanban board is a great tool for people and teams who follow agile methodologies or who prefer a more visual way to present and complete tasks.

Activity Center also enables users to:

  • Create, save and retrieve frequently used filtered views;
  • Create and re-use project templates;
  • Break down complex tasks into an unlimited level of sub-tasks;
  • Quickly add custom fields;
  • Create Gantt snapshots and share with clients;
  • See color-coded project health (based on budget and schedule);
  • Make intelligent, fully informed resource assignments;
  • Manage all project financial, forecasting, and expense attributes;
  • Approve/lockdown submitted timesheets;
  • And much more!
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My Assignments

“My Assignments” is designed to minimize the learning curve and maximize productivity for each employee. This page provides a simple, checklist style view where project contributors can quickly identify the items they need to complete and in what order. They can also provide status updates, track time, plus communicate with their entire team, keeping everyone in the loop.

On the My Assignments page users can:

  • Sort their tasks based on priority, deadline, project or client;
  • Easily communicate with their team and access entire message and attached document history;
  • Manage expenses and attach receipts;
  • Share and review files associated with their tasks;
  • Quickly record time;
  • Request, track, and complete approvals;
  • Provide progress updates and complete their tasks.
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Collaboration/Mobile Apps

Team communication and collaboration, given it operates in our centralized location, enables users to: message fellow team members, share files, annotate images, manage expenses and add receipts. In addition, users can also initiate, track, and complete approval requests.

For projects that you’re interested in, but not directly involved with, access all notifications and approval requests so you’re always in the loop.

  • Guest Portal access useful for seasonal team member or client/stakeholder engagement, includes project plan snapshot sharing;
  • Track time via a stopwatch, weekly, or multi-project view;
  • Annotate images directly in the message board;
  • Review, approve/unapprove, lock down submitted time logs;
  • Mobile apps support use cases for both PMs and project contributors including adding mobile phone pictures as attachments.
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Financial Management

Forecast, monitor, and manage any expenditures attached to a particular project, plus track your team's ability to complete the project on time and on budget. Our platform enables you to plan and monitor project financials regardless of whether the billing model is flat fee, time and materials, or non billable.
Additionally, our platform enables a PM to segment labor and non-labor expenses at both the project and activity levels. Schedule and track desired and actual payments and receipts regardless of your billing agreement (% upfront, fixed installment, biweekly/monthly, milestone, etc.).

Captured project metrics enable calculation of performance metrics including:

  • Work In Progress (% of work has been completed that has not yet been billed) = (1 - (Total Billed / Total Project Billing) * 100%);
  • Utilization Rate (the ratio between total billable hours spent by each resource to their available hours) = (Billable Hours / Total Available Hours) * 100%;
  • Realization Rate (ratio between hours total billed vs total available billable) = (Total Billed Hours / Total Billable Hours) * 100%
  • Realized Rate (ie, effective billing rate) = Realization Rate * Billing Rate ($)
  • Etc.
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Resource Management

Resource management allows you to view and adjust the assigned workload of an entire team. You can also run resource capacity simulations for potential new projects to get an impact analysis on current workload and schedules.

Resource Planning centers around two key reports.

Resource Loading Report: This report provides managers with the ability to visualize the workload of each team member and change hourly allocation as required. The duration or scheduled date for a task or project can also be adjusted on the fly using this report.

Resource Loading Simulation: A power tool for project planning, it helps to answer crucial questions for a project or program manager such as:

  • “Who do we have available to start working on this project 5 weeks from now?”,
  • “Do we have enough resources with the required skills to take on this project?”,
  • “If we do this project, what will be the impact to the schedules of existing projects?”
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Reports and Dashboards

Our platform includes a number of ready-to-use reports and dashboard widgets that cover all the key aspects of project management: financial health, timesheets, project status, billing, resource loading, etc.

Users can also create their own table, chart or metric reports, including any custom fields added via our wizard. Once created, reports can be published to a dashboard or exported to Excel/PDF.

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Business Intelligence Analytics

Our Embedded Business Intelligence enables both project leaders and senior executives to dynamically interpret and analyze large amounts of data in beautifully designed interactive reports and dashboards. Get started on Day 1 with 18+ pre-built dashboards specifically for Professional Service teams. Whether you need a specific project performance scorecard, a list of who your top 10 underloaded team members are, or what the profit outlook is for an entire portfolio, we provide the real-time views you need.

BI dashboards enable users to visualize, analyze, and interpret real-time data with speed, efficiency, and clarity. It provides true insight and transparency to project and program performance and profitability.

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Machine Learning

Birdview harnesses the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help project managers predict when a project is most likely to be completed.

By taking pre-emptive corrective actions early, project managers can save their organizations thousands of dollars in avoiding contractual penalties and overtime payments, maximizing project profitability, and consistently achieving happy client outcomes.

For example, if the analysis of the date indicates the project will be completed earlier than you originally planned, you’ll have resource capacity sooner than you originally expected.

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Birdview offers Enterprise-grade security at both the system and project levels. We offer robust user permissions, data encryption in transit and at rest, geo-redundant backups, and state-of-the-art data centers powered by Microsoft Azure.

Tailor-Made Access

With extensive built-in permissions and custom roles, you can get very granular and determine specifically what each and every person should and should not be able to do and view.

Enhanced Security

Password strength and expiration policies, encrypted HTTPS traffic, user-lockout, Active Directory Authorization (SSO/SAML), Private Cloud or Private Infrastructure – all these tools ensure the safety and security of your data.

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Birdview can be integrated with virtually any cloud application or legacy on-premise system. Pre-built integrations include: JIRA, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and Hubspot. Additionally, our comprehensive API can support your custom integration requirements.