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We at Easy Projects are big fans of Basecamp. We think that 37 Signals, its creators, did a great job of lowering the barriers to entry for people who need to manage teams and projects, and provided a good stepping stone into a more organized life. As fellow software developers, we really admire the stripped down design and the appealing interface Basecamp has, which makes it easy to use as a to-do list for some basic tasks. So hats off to you, Basecamp!
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We get a lot of questions from prospective clients about when Easy Projects is a better Basecampe alternative for an organization, so we wanted to run through some cases where the benefits of Easy Projects will make life easier:

Gantt Chart

Some people are just more visual than others, and prefer graphical representations to batches of text. Interactive Gantt Chart, available in Easy Projects, are tailor made for them!

Manage Schedule with Interactive Gantt Chart

Task Dependencies

Easy Projects also comes with the ability to utilize dependencies, where all the dates in your projects are inter-connected and you only need to change one number for everything to be updated automatically. If your projects ever change deadlines, or adjust timelines, task dependencies will save you from having to adjust multiple numbers manually.

Resource Loading

Need to see the availabilities of different resources (i.e. different people or teams)? The resource management module in Easy Projects helps project managers and executives have a better understanding of which teams have the ability to take a project, and which are booked to capacity. No more wandering whether the marketing department can take request X next Thursday!

Microsoft Project Integration

Easy Projects supports import and export of data to/from MS Project, saving you valuable time when transferring your data between the two applications.

Portfolio Management

Better management and oversight of multiple projects. Portfolio Management is vital for teams that have more than one project or client at a time. Also, executives will love the ability to manage multiple related projects as one portfolio!

Custom Forms

A new addition to the Easy Projects feature set, custom forms allow teams to collect virtually any kind of data, and easily incorporate it into their tasks or projects. They can be used by HR to track job applicants, marketing to accept requests, IT to track support tickets… The possibilities are limitless, and the flexibility afforded by custom forms really makes Easy Projects stand out in the project management industry.

We see a number of clients where the workflow is very simple: They may only have one project at a time, or they may need to manage only five team members at a time, and for these companies, Basecamp will work fine. However, once a company goes beyond simple task tracking and looks for more ways to increase productivity and accountability, they see that Easy Projects can really offer resources to make their lives easier and more efficient.

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