Easy Projects is the best
alternative to Microsoft Excel

Easy Projects is an adaptable, enterprise-ready work management platform designed for teams who have outgrown their current tools and processes.

Using Smartsheet
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Why Easy Projects is the best alternative to Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool in the right hands,
but it’s not a be-all and end-all solution. While it can
help project managers stay organized, it still can’t
outperform a dedicated Project Management
Software tool like Easy Projects.

Managing Project Schedule and Timeline

Excel is perfectly capable of creating charts and graphs
that show project progress, scope, and risks. However,
the nature of its interface means that posting regular updates involves a lot of repetitive work and fine-tuning.

Easy Projects has a dedicated Gantt chart for a quick visual representation of the project schedule. Its drag-and-drop interface allows easier and faster project updates.

Learn more about Online Gantt Chart

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

Reduce the need to manually update
spreadsheets and never miss an update
ever again. When all of your project
information is centralized, you’ll have
more time to work on the things that matter.

Multi-level access

project security image

Multi-level access

We understand that your team doesn’t
always need access to everything.
With user permission settings, you can
control who sees what and control
what they can update or change.

In depth project reports

project financial performance report example

In depth project reports

Pivot tables and charts are time-consuming
and often inaccurate. With Easy Projects, you
can get access to real-time data and project
progress presented as beautiful graphs
and charts. No need to manually update
your data.

Resource Management

Resource Management

With real-time data at your fingertips, you
can leverage the resource management
planner to put together your dream team.
See who is available and when they can start.
Monitor how much work team members
are assigned to make sure no one is over
or under loaded.



Unlike traditional spreadsheet software,
Easy Projects helps your team collaborate
in real-time. No more back and forth sharing
and updating of files.

Time Management

Time Management

For projects where you need to keep track
of time, either for wages or for billing,
a flexible software tool is your best friend.

project security image project financial performance report example
Drag to compare
MS Excel Gantt Chart
Easy Projects Gantt Chart
MS Excel Gantt Chart

Import Excel files
to Easy Projects

Import all of your project related data
including projects, tasks and timesheets
from Excel, which will then be displayed
in Easy Projects.

Integrate All Your Favorite Tools

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Easy Projects is an Award-Winning Leader in Enterprise and Portfolio Project Management

Easy Projects Ranks on the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Growth 500 annual list

Easy Projects Ranks on the 2018, 2019
and 2020 Growth 500 annual list

High Performer in Overall and Enterprise Project Management

Leader in Overall and High Performer
in Enterprise Project Management

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