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Agile Project Management is an incremental approach
to completing projects. Instead of planning out an entire
project ahead of time with set deadlines and milestones,
the agile method takes a more ‘go with the flow’ approach.
This allows teams to create a feedback loop which then
helps apply changes quickly at the end of each sprint.


Agile is best suited for the following
industries and teams:





Teams that experience
mid-project changes

Build your Agile Workflow in Easy Projects

Agile project management can help you achieve results when you focus on prioritization,
resource management, team collaboration and feedback. Whether you're using Kanban
or a hybrid approach — you’ll get the most out of agile project management with Easy Projects.

Kanban Board

The multi-project interactive Kanban board makes it easy to visualize and optimize your workflow. After you set up your project, you can create tasks which will appear as detailed cards. The cards will show you the name of the tasks and who they are assigned to. As your project commences, Kanban will give you full workflow visibility and help you identify potential task delays.

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Keep Every Member of Your Team Accountable

Resource Management

Using the Resource loading simulation, you can choose the best team members for a specific task based on skill-set and availability. The resource management module also allows you to plan your project sprints to capacity.

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Team Collaboration:
The Feedback Loop

Team collaboration is the cornerstone of Agile methodology. In Easy Projects, your team can communicate with other project members at the task level. They can also request approvals, attach documents and make image annotations all within a single task pane. If necessary, our smart search will find any information they need.

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Collaboration for Local and Remote Teams

Artificial Intelligence

We help you apply the power of artificial intelligence by leveraging dozens of data points to determine when a project will be completed. You can use this information to take action in advance to prevent your projects from going over-budget.

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"The kanban view and the ability to create repeatable task templates are fantastic! Our department handles graphics, web, & communication projects for every department in the college. Easy projects allows us to easy traffic, complete, & report efficiencies for each of our departments in one system."

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