Project Management Software in Advertising

Create Easier Advertising Campaigns

With Easy Projects Project Management Software.

Advertising campaigns are complex affairs that involve multiple contributors. Fortunately there are solutions that can help make account managers more effective. Easy Projects’ Project Management Software can provide an overwhelmed account manager with the means to track, organize, and manage an advertising campaign and help keep it on schedule.

Check out a few of Easy Projects’ most useful features:

Project Planning

Plan out your campaign in scrupulous detail with a flexible and interactive online Gantt Chart. Organize photo shoots, editing time, and release schedules with unerring accuracy.

Task Management

Don’t let the minutiae get to you. Delegate expense reports, air time purchases, and casting calls to your team members and track their progress.

interactive gantt

Online Collaboration

Stay in touch with team members on location shoots and telecommuters by using Easy Project’s powerful online conference tool. Post files and share project updates for everyone to discuss.

Resource Tracking

View your team’s workload at a glance with Easy Projects’ resource loading report. Check your artist’s schedule and see if you can squeeze in another study before the day is out.

Accessible Guest Portal

Prove to your clients that the campaign is on track and under budget. The Guest Portal feature allows clients to view project updates and review design studies on the fly.

With all these essential features and more, Easy Projects is the Account Manager’s best bet towards managing an effective, efficient, and timely advertising campaign. This one-stop solution is available for an astoundingly affordable price.

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