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History and People of Project Management Tool Easy Projects

Learn more about Easy Projects: the history of creation of our project management software, our vision, meet the people behind it.

Our History

Easy Projects is a product developed by Logic Software Inc., a Toronto-based custom software development company. Back in 2003, when Logic Software Inc. needed a project management system for our own use, we were disappointed by the available options. The most common approach to project management was the use of paper, whiteboards, and spreadsheets; however, this approach was cumbersome, non-collaborative, and difficult to scale. Desktop applications presented additional problems, putting limits on customer access and lacking all-in-one capabilities.

With no suitable options, we decided to take the matter into our own hands. This marked the beginning of the our project management software, Easy Projects. Although we initially created the product for our own needs, Easy Projects soon gained popularity among Logic Software’s existing customers, who in turn asked us to sell them our project management software so they could use it both internally and with their external customers. Thus began Easy Projects’ launch into the commercial market.

Over the past few years, Easy Projects has built an impressive customer base and has received wide industry recognition. In 2008, Easy Projects was named a finalist in the Jolt Product Excellence Awards, the Oscars of the software industry.

Our Vision

Easy Projects focuses on features of actual use to organizations rather than fancy “bells and whistles”. Specifically designed to make project management, task tracking and team collaboration hassle free and straightforward, Easy Projects aims to bring the power of professional project management to the web.

Featuring a vast array of built-in modules, not available in basic web-based applications, such as time sheets, issue tracking and customer request management, Easy Projects the software of choice for serious project managers and people just looking to manage projects alike.

Meet the Team

Sales, Marketing and Cat Herding

Vito - Product Guru
Vadim - Chief Make-It-Happen Officer
Fred - Product Guru
Arkady - Chief Cat Herder
Alexandra - social media Amazon

“Save My SaaS” Team

Serge - Support Guru
Eugene - The Lord of the Help
Andy - Support Guru
Patrick - Client Happiness Manager

Research, Development and Troublemaking

Andrew - Quality Enforcer
Andrey - Code Wizard
Elena - Code Wizard
Ilya - Code Wizard
Pavel - Code Wizard / Project Paladin
Andrew - Quality Enforcer
Alexander - Code Wizard / Database Shaman
Alexander - Code Wizard
Vera - Code Wizard
Pavel - Code Wizard

Administration and Bean Counting

Natalia - Chief Bean Counter
Vitali - Uptime Enforcer

Contact Information

  • Logic Software, Inc.
  • Head Office
  • 1120 Finch Avenue West, Suite 201
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • M3J 3H7 Canada
  • Toll-free phone: +1 888 261 9878
  • Toronto Office: +1 416 907-9944
  • Fax: +1 888 261 9878