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Organization: Lowes Foods
Industry: Grocery Chain

“Shortly after we implemented Easy Projects, one of our designers was unexpectedly out of the office for a week. After taking a look at his assignments in Easy Projects we were able to reallocate work so nothing fell through the cracks. That is only one example out of many of how Easy Projects has helped our creative production workflow.”

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Organization: PaperlinX Canada
Industry: Paper Manufacturer
Number of EP.NET Users:25

PaperlinX is the world’s leading fine paper merchant and a manufacturer of high quality communication and packaging paper.

With global headquarters based in Melbourne, Australia, PaperlinX also operates their regional management teams, including the offices of PaperlinX Canada, in 26 countries around the globe.

The IT team at PaperlinX Canada needed to transition to an all-in-one, web-based project management solution in order to faciliate projects throughout multiple locations.

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Organization: Farner-Bocken Company
Industry: Distributor
Number of EP.NET Users: 10

Established since 1939, the Farner-Bocken Company is a family owned and operated distributor of convenience and broadline food service products, serving Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.

With over 14,000 items in their product line, Farner-Bocken supplies goods in the categories of cigarettes, candy, snacks, tobacco, groceries, automotive, beverages, health and beauty, paper, ice cream, chemicals, supplies, and convenience foods.

The software development team in the Information Services department wanted to transition to web-based project management with support for customizations.

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Organization: Greenpeace Mediterranean
Industry: Environment protection
Number of EP.NET Users: 20

Greenpeace Mediterranean is based on the principle that nature knows no frontiers and neither does the pollution that threatens it.

With main offices located in Malta, Greenpeace Mediterranean also actively campaigns from Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, and Turkey to conduct campaigns throughout the region.

The team at Greenpeace Mediterranean needed a detailed time plan and well defined task management for better campaign coordination.

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Organization: Sanford Health
Industry: Health-Care Services
Number of EP.NET Users: 200

Based in Sioux Falls, Sanford Health is a nonfor- profit health care delivery system composed of hospitals, clinics, licensed practitioners and clinical research centers at over 150 facilities across South Dakota and the surrounding states.

With over 10,000 employees, it is the largest healthcare system provider between Denver, CO and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

The Information Technology department at Sanford Health needed a more formal workflow process for defining and approving projects.

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Organization: Toromont Industries Ltd. Information Technology
Industry: Heavy Equipment, IT, R&D
Number of EP.NET Users: 60

Toromont Industries Ltd. is a Canadian publicly traded company (TSX: TIH) that operates through two business segments: The Equipment Group and the Compression Group.

Because of the different formats it used to take days to consolidate all the data and produce project status reports. Obviously the system was difficult to maintain…

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Organization: ICOM Information & Communications L.P.
Industry: Marketing, IT
Number of EP.NET Users: 90+

ICOM manages the largest permission-based direct response survey database in North America, providing its clients with superior customer insight and marketing results.

Every year ICOM’ Data Services department receives over 7,500 requests for custom data projects from its customers. All these requests used to arrive in different formats via different media: phone, fax, mail, email, etc.

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Organization: Cronus Consultancy Limited
Industry: Software Development
Number of EP.NET Users: 11

Cronus is a Microsoft Software Development Gold Partner. We write web based, windows and server based systems for local government and finance clients.

Before we started using Easy Projects .NET we had been managing our projects manually using a combination of Outlook, Excel and paper.

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Organization: Interactive Palette, Inc.
Industry: Web Design and Development
Number of EP.NET Users: 5

Interactive Palette seamlessly integrates a foundation in fine art and design with technical expertise to create visually compelling, dynamically driven, and profitable websites.

Now when we want to know how profitable a project was we run a report and when it is time to do billing it is all right there.

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Organization: CL Resources, Inc.
Industry: Web Design and Web Hosting Services
Number of EP.NET Users: 12

CL Resources provides web design, graphic design and computer services to various clients, offers best services and reduces cost of employing staff in-house. In addition to our primary services offering, CL Resources also provides web hosting services and dedicated web servers that are designed to meet all clients’ needs.

I have narrowed down the choice to EP.NET because of its cost and all the features that came with it. EP.NET has met our needs in areas of Bugs, Request and Actual project control and it is accessible by web interface.

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Organization: Sheer Vision Technologies Inc.
Industry: Software Development
Number of EP.NET Users: 6

Sheer meaning clear and Vision meaning idea. By having a clear understanding of your business process, Sheer Vision Technologies is able to turn ideas into appropriate business solutions.

Compared to our old system, we save about 15 minutes per day, per person. That over an hour a week which saves us about 40 – 50 hrs per year. For our company, the benefits were huge.

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Organization: Digitalus Ltd.
Industry: Web Design
Number of EP.NET Users: 5

Since its inception in 1997, Digitalus has specialised in offering quality, jargon-free web design at a reasonable price.

As the result of implementing Easy Projects .NET in our company we’re able to much more effectively plan out our future client work and more accurately estimate completion dates.

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Organization: International Legal Counsels
Industry: Legal Services
Number of EP.NET Users: 5

At International Legal Counsels, we advise clients on how to resolve legal issues while taking advantage of business opportunities.

EP immediately resolved the majority of the problems. Management of the clients’ list, assignments and tasks, tracking billing became a breeze and saved a lot of headaches and unnecessary duplication in various programs.

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Organization: Med-Link Computer Sciences
Industry: IT Services
Number of EP.NET Users: 12

Before switching to Easy Project .NET we were managing all our projects manually. It was mostly an e-mail exchange and not everybody had access to it.

Right now Easy Projects probably saves us a full day of labor per month…

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