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Ambition Kills: Why Big Projects Should Think Small

Bigger companies mean bigger ambitions; and bigger ambitions mean bigger failures. The goals might be important—even necessary—but taking on a massive project in one go is courting disaster.
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Run Your PMO Like a Business

Your name might not be on the sign outside, but you are just as responsible for your team’s performance and welfare as the CEO is for the company’s.
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Gamify Your Project

Gamify Your Projects
Gamification, the practice of turning daily tasks and processes into games, is taking the business world by storm. And for good reason. Operating under the idea that everything is more fun as a game, gamification is a newly popular tactic that marketing teams use to improve consumer engagement, and teachers implement to inspire student learning.
But there is no reason project teams should be left out of
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Dead-End Project Management Techniques

project management
We all have different project management personalities. But, let’s face it, some personalities are just more likable.
We’ve blogged before about 5 effective project management methodologies and when to use them. Plus, we’ve provided an outline that describes when to switch your management style.
Still, there are dead-end project management techniques that project managers have yet to bury. Check out these 3 PM-Don’ts.

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Guest post. Beneficial Breaks: 4 Ways to Get More out of the Workday

We’ve all been there: we’re close to wrapping up a huge project at work and if we just push through, we might be able to finish by the end of the day. Of course this means no breaks, no phone calls, no lunch with the rest of the team. After all, the workday is for working and the best way to do that is by sequestering yourself in your office until the job is done, right?

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When Should You Switch Management Styles?

Apathy is the deadliest kind of poison in an organization, and is a symptom of larger problems.
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