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Project Management – Monitoring and Control

When the project is finally planned, the project manager needs to find the right balance between too much and too little management. Up to now, The PM has been closely involved in the project, facilitating meetings, following up for estimates, meeting with the sponsor. But when the project moves into execution, the PM needs to step back and let the team get to work.
Finding that balance between micro management and no management is tricky because you are also the connection to the project for the Sponsor and stakeholders who all have different styles of management.
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Project Management – How to balance your time

For many project managers, whether they are working with an external client or inside an organization, setting the right balance between getting the project ready and doing the project work can be a challenge. Often it’s the first challenge from the sponsor. “We need to get started, how quickly can you do the organizing?”
The pressure to minimize the overhead on a project can make it tempting to shortcut the critical planning. The flip side of the challenge is that in
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Brad Kort

Web 2 Market’s team of 13 people design, build, host and support over 100 mid-sized ecommerce sites. Obviously that involves a lot of complex tasks involving multiple team members over long periods of time.
Easy Projects .NET has the flexibility to match our unique business processes, and the features we need. The result is more efficient use of our time and happier clients. We also appreciate the excellent support we’ve received. Thanks Easy Projects .NET!
Brad Kort
Web 2 Market, Inc.

GatewayBaltic is
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Louise Hollebecq

As a consulting firm it is essential for us to be able to manage each engagement as a project and track time against tasks at a detailed level. Easy Projects .NET makes this simple.
The interace is easy to use and our consulting team can access the system over the internet from where ever they may be working. Easy Projects .NET truly did make it an easy choice because of the no-risk trial and the ability to easily migrate this account
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Liza Jett, PMP

Love it! I couldn’t manage my projects without it.

Liza Jett, PMP
Project Manager, Client Solutions
TROI IT Solutions

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